Rings of Saturn Talk Touring, and Nuclear Blast Love

We had the chance to talk to Miles, guitarist of Rings of Saturn about their new contract with the world leading record label for extreme music, Nuclear Blast, and tours coming up ahead. The band is releasing their newest album Ultu Ulla via Nuclear Blast Records and it is amazing.

Here are some words we exchanged with this cool cat!

Hostile Jo- “You guys just singed with Nuclear Blast and are releasing your first album Ultu Ulla, will there be any differences in the sound or the brutal content alone?”

Miles- “Yea we signed with Nuclear Blast Over a year a go, it just took a while for things to happen.”

 “We do have Different sounds, of course there is that Rings of Saturn sound, with more melodic tracks,  more structure. It is  more accessible for new fans and old fans.”

HJ- “What is it like to go from an Indie record label to one of the biggest labels world wide?

Miles- “It was unreal, when I first hear about it, we got offers form a bunch of other labels, overall they were the best choice for various reasons. There is no real way to measure the importance of a label, but obviously the contract and other great things made us decide on Nuclear Blast. We do not have to wear weird suit and tie. Its cool having that not super formal vibe.”

HJ- “In terms of recording, what is that like? Do you all work together in the studio or do you record separately?”

Miles- “Neither one of us lives close to one another. I tracked all of my parts at my place, Aaron tracked his stuff in florida which  didn’t work out for production. But we made it work. I got the chance to stay at home and just send it to production.”

HJ- “The art work is very psychedelic alien oriented, done by Mark Cooper, do you guys have a saying in what goes on the art work or do you give him total creative freedom?”

Miles- “I do not make the call on the art work, someone else takes care of that, but we have worked with Mark Cooper before, all his work has one direction, I do believe he has a guideline but all his work has been amazing. He has already done 3 albums, it has that shock value.”

HJ- “I hear a lot of symphonic tracking in some of your work, which adds that alien atmosphere. Who inspired you guys to add those sounds?”

Miles- “I did a lot of writing in this one, I like doing the lyrics, it is something I get involved with. Some of those sounds were inspired by Nightwish, and Children of Bodom.”

HJ- “As a recording artist, what is important for you to have in your work?”

Miles- “I like harmonic progression, something that has pull with. Our  style of music does have pull, we have limited space to work differently, but we make it so that is progressive.”

HJ- “You guys are performing in the 22 dates of summer slaughter this year, who are you looking forward to watch live during this tour?”

MIles- “Definitely The Black Dahlia Murder, Brandon Ellis is a great guitarist, Unfortunately I am caught in a place where i don’t listen to these bands. Not that i don’t like them because I do, I’m just not there and am completely in awe with some bands, but they are all good. When I go to tours I’m excited about all of it. I would love to play a tour with Children Bodom, Nightwish all bands I love.”

HJ- “Will you play a couple new songs during the slaughter?”

Miles- “We will play four new songs, two of which I love from the new album.”  

HJ- “Will you be doing other tours in support of this new release?”

Miles- “Yea their is some stuff being planned which will be announced later this month. We have a new thing going on this year something that is pretty awesome.”

HJ- “I have heard the new material, what can the fans expect from this work, based from your point of view.”

Miles- “We are delivering Rings that is accessible, more structured, more humble, more acceptable.  The old Rings, just a new record that old fans will be happy about, and  new fans will like, a lot more melodic. Solid.”

Miles is excited as much as we are about the new upcoming album, make sure to check out the band live during this year’s Summer Slaughter make sure to get your tickets.

Written By: Hostile Jo


Pre-order Ultu Ulla in the format of your choice as well as merchandise here: nuclearblast.com/ros-ultuulla

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