Accept- Delivering Metal Since 1976, Wolf Hoffmann Talks Wacken Open Air and Upcoming Tour

acceptbandThe new heavy metal record released  by Accept titled The Rise of Chaos is out now, via Nuclear Blast Records, one that will have metalheads raising their horns in support of this masterpiece. It has been nearly 40 years and Accept is still dishing music, how do you continue to create heavy music after have written many other records? That is a question we left up to Wolf Hoffmann to answer among many others. Check details below:

Jose Barrientos- “The Rise of Chaos was released on August 4th, via Nuclear Blast Records, did you want to do anything different with this album?”

Wolf- “We do not try to do anything different, we just try to do better with each album we release, and that is what we did here. We have a motto- “ We know what fans like, we know what we like to play, let’s give them what we like to give them.” We try to create better songs than ever.”

Jose Barrientos- “You have been in the trenches since the 80’s and keep releasing great heavy metal, what keeps you going after so many years?”

Wolf- “If you like what you do, you do not need to motivate your self. We had a few year of hiatus in the 2000’s if that is even a word, we all went different ways. When we decided to come back  together we never looked back. To me we are inspired, you will not get an album done if you are not into it anymore or have passion for what you are doing.”

JB- “Do you see any changes in the metal scene compared to back in the days?”

Wolf- “Lately, everything is going through changes, from the 80’s certain amount of stability has been added. Perhaps we are older, nothing is the same the music business is different specially with no one buying albums anymore. The music culture has changed with the incorporation of social media, and music being easy to download now. When you get used to something new and it all changes so quick, new things come and go it’s hard to concentrate in the business, but it pays to use social media and the wave of technology.”

JB- “Are fans more receptive to the new material, or do you have a mixed amount of fans that like the old songs and some that like the new songs?”

The fans loved the new material, the entire new album can be a whole set list, all ten songs start hard, they have the proper tempo. some songs transcribe better live than others. But we try and select those that fit right. It feels like the 80’s, some fans wear denim and long hair others do not, they are all there for the music. It is hard to see if they are younger or older as we are focused on playing.

JB- “You played in front of 85,000 metal heads, describe your emotions as you play in front of such a huge crowd  during Wacken Open Air.”

Wolf- “Well we did a special one time only show, it was amazing the crowd was wild. We did three segments during the Wacken Open Air Festiva. This was a one of a kind show, we had a 50 piece orchestra, The Czech Republic International Orchestra, they are amazing. We gave them space, they were able to have their own important parts in the concert during that segment.

It was a two hour show, we had new songs on the first segment followed by instrumental with the orchestra, and ended with classic Accept tracks. The fans loved it, it has to be the moment I will look back and see it was very memorable. It was a partnership with the orchestra, we do not like them being in the background, we rather allow them to have that special part to songs.”

JB- “You played the new song titled “Die By The Sword”, how did the fans respond to this track?”

Wolf- “The fans are loving the new album, they like to get the feel of the new tracks live. It is different vibe when you play the songs live. We hit number three in Germany’s charts, the fans are responding phenomenally.”

JB- “How do you prepare for such a big festival?”

Wolf- “Well we certainly can not rehearse everyday, some of us live in different parts, so we fly in and spend 1-5 days just playing hardcore. Some of us of course learn our parts at home, then we practice together, we determine what segments the new songs come in, and what classic Accept we want to play live.”

JB- “What will the stage set consist of?”

Wolf- “Well we like to make sure our sets add something to the show. It’s a performance we want to excite the fans. However, we have done shows that do not have a stage set, they are not mandatory. If i could have it my way we would have a set at every show. It adds great visual for the fans, our production is great as it is, but those visual are great to have when possible.”

JB- “What can fans expect from this live show at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills?”

Wolf- “There will not be a one of a kind 50 piece orchestra, we can not have out traveling orchestra as much as we would love to. There will be a lot of new songs, I love these songs, they all sound killer.”

With no further questions we thanked Wolf for his time and were excited to see them this coming Thursday September 7th, at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. This is an all seating venue, therefore some speculations come to mind, will they play with an Orchestra like they did in Wacken Open Air, or will the chairs be removed? One thing will be certain, that night heavy metal will conquer the Saban Theater and have metal heads enjoying an evening of guitar solos, clean vocals and amazing musicianship by all members of the band with their support of The Rise of Chaos. Make sure to get your tickets, and pick up your copy of this heavy album out now via Nuclear Blast Records. Catch you all in the pit.


Written by: Jose Barrientos

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