20 years of History Max & Iggor Cavalera: Return To Roots

After 20 years of the release of the great inspirational album Roots by Sepultura, Iggor and Max Cavalera decided to commemorate their opus album with a brutal tour in support of that celebration. The Regeant Theater in Los Angeles California witnessed what was a debauchery and a crowd that truly loves metal, The OG Sepultura in particular. dsc_0413There were some great opening acts on the bill like the doom sludge metal band All Hail The Yeti who just released their most recent attempt titled Screams From A Black Wilderness. The band All Hail The Yeti played a great set list, the crowd headbanged to songs like Before The Flames as Connor Garrity Punished those metal heads with his powerful screams. The band plays very tight live and they got their sound, which to some might be slow but the impact their lyrics have are to be reckoned. All Hail The Yeti has a sludge sound that will make lovers of music enjoy each track, with that octane on the guitar that can run a crowd over and amp the listeners.

dsc_0128The opening act, Thrown Into Exile was very active on stage, with frontman Henry Derek Bonner of Act of Defiance singing his guts out to metal tracks that are classic metal. The guitars and bass are a barrage of hate towards the masses, and a drummer kicking ass behind that throne. There is not much to say except that their new album Safe Inside is a killer 12 track metal melody.

The night was taken by surprise when ONI went on stage, these Canadian metallers are breaking barriers and borders with their metal. They play a mean guitar with finger licking riffs and a psychedelic Xylo-Synth, which is their way of saying, we play metal and this shit is killer. If you want some proof just check out their video here. This was a brutal metal gathering, and Combicrhist completed the line up of supporting acts.dsc_0495 Their industrial metal sound is sweeping the nation and they demonstrated live why that is. Two drummers, two bad ass guitarist and bassist in synchronicity play furious songs like We Are the Plague, and the crowd just jumped up and down to the sound of destruction. Soon after their mesmerizing set, filled with anger and brutal sounds.

The crowd grew, and some tired faces were noticeable, but on a Friday night filled with metal rest is the last thing in anyones mind. Iggor Cavalera gets behind his throne, Marc Rizzo on guitar, Johny Chow on bass and the master himself Max Cavalera on Rhythm dsc_0868guitar, they took over the stage. It was the 20th anniversary of Roots and the entire album was played, with a surprise performance by Matt Patton along with a killer cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spade. The set list should not be easy to predict right since the album is very well loved by all fans. The pit was brutal, as the crowd heard the introduction to Stubborn, the house was coming down. Max Cavalera gave the audience exactly what they wanted, and after some years of Iggor’s absence from playing with Max it was any Sepultura fan’s ideal reunion. The crowd had their favorites, however the song that made the pit heavier had to be Dictatorshit. One still asks themselves “Why did they disappear?”, but that night everyone enjoyed the brutality of the drums, Iggor Cavalera played each song like a god, with agility and speed the album sounded better live. Marc Rizzo, Soulfly’s guitarist shredded to the killer solos in songs like Cut-Throat and Born Stubborn, it was a memorable night and this was the closest the metal world will get to a Sepultura reunion.

dsc_0762Max and Iggor Cavalera recorded a sensational, cut-throat album 20 years ago and this was the best way to celebrate this amazing album. The sound gave each fan a reason to headbang, mosh and simply loose their head. With the killer drum work by Iggor Cavalera and amazing guitar riffs by Marc Rizzo, Return to Roots was an epic show and a special one to all metal heads at the venue.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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