Obscure Oracle-“In Hell We Trust”

Obscure Oracle’s release of ‘In Death We Trust’ is a radical movement against the common political bullies. Their classic trash metal sound propels them forward in this metal world. Their fast guitar riffs, heavy drums and classic screaming vocals take you back to the beginning of that trash metal movement back in the early 80’s. Straight from the U.S. Rusty Bartholomeo on vocals and the gang; Danny David (Guitar), Christopher Gaither (Bass), Adrian Troncoso (Guitar) and Javier Rodriguez (Drums) will hype the mosh pits at any venue. Obscure Oracle’s four songs EP, ‘In Death We Trust’ is a manifesto to the trash metal community. Everyone is focused on Anthrax’s new album, which is a masterpiece, but the underground metal scene needs some recognition. This band’s riffs are meticulously played as they attempt to revive the trash metal scene, one that has been slowly dying. Band Pic with logoMetal is evolving, however that classic trash metal sound is always something to look forward to in a band. The nu-metal wave is changing the game, and Obscure Oracle is sticking to its roots, masterfully crafting metal a sound that cannot be replaced. I cannot remember the last time I saw a crowd of teens with torn jeans headbanging instead of jumping up and down as if they were at an N’Sync show, well I guarantee you that Obscure Oracle will make sure your neck muscles suffer from that whiplash they will inflict with their shredding songs, like “Wasted Time” or “Pray For Nothing”. Is that not what metals heads have been doing for decades, praying for nothing, headbanging till their necks break. But hey, who are we to say who to listen to, after all I can admit Metallica has no new riffs and Megadeth, Exodus, Anthrax and Testament are the new trash gods. Do not miss out on this metal act, their EP was released on November 13th, 2015 recorded at Mesa Recording Studios in Austin, Tx Studios.

Reported By-Hostile Jo

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Listen to -“Wasted Time”


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