Violent X- Norway Death/Trash Metal

Do you want speed, brutal death/trash metal from Norway, well look no further check out Violent X. Their debut Release of “Chemical Insomnia” on November of 2015 was crucial for this band. Their sound is a combination of death metal with elements of trash metal. The vocals are aggressive and brutal. Their guitar solos are a compilation of Slayer’s Kerry Kings sounds with the speed of Dave Mustaine. Drumming wise we can respectfully say they resemble Pantera’s Vinnie Paul, just saying. ao2d1620-9This is a massive album, a giant step for their sound and band. Songs like “A Piece of Shit” are a reminder why metal exists. Aggression and degrading lyrics for those whose sight you cannot stand are what this song brings out. The song “Sunday” can be best described as a heavy and powerful vision with mutilating sounds, with a vicious guitar solo, implementing that trash elements. Trash is making a comeback, however when death metal is added to the mix it creates a lethal sound like no other. Violent X is a threat to society and it fits with the metal realm, let us enjoy their furious sound check out the songs below.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Members: Mats Berntvik – Bass, Vocals Kristoffer Killi – Drums Kjartan Killi – Guitars




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