The Boston Effect-The Beast of Nod

Boston, Ma. Has some attitude; from the Irish background to the Italians this state has more to offer besides history. Metal has been hiding in the aggressive streets of Boston, and The Beast of Nod has created a morbid sound. For lovers of Death Metal, The Beast of Nod has created a science-influenced album; “Arrival” is a five song EP filled with blasts from drummer Nate MacMillen. Paul Buckley composes this album with elements of progressive metal, and a touch of Black Metal vocals. This vocalist has studied Biology and Chemistry; hence the titles of songs like “Cephalopod of Doom” in which the introduction has a very catchy guitar riff (Goreblaster Korpse-Harvest) and amazing pitch harmonic. This song is pure evil, think of marine animals attacking your dreams; this is what classic horror movies were all about, giant octopus and sea monsters. Beast of Nod Brady Bunch Pic(1)When you reach the climax of this science book, the song “When A Meganeura Flies” transports you to a time of speed death metal, with a killer bass beat. The song takes a plunge 30 seconds through and it defiles your already bleeding eardrums with the gory vocals and a bridge prior to the rhythmic galloping guitar strumming. This band is not only educated but they have a complete understanding of how to make brutal music. This is what science teachers should be playing during midterms. If you ate to many tacos “Hyperanal Hemorrhaging” is what most likely will happen to you. The furious screams and drum blast on this song are quite agitating, (in a good way) the song has vicious guitar riffs that build up to the shredding solo. You will definitely need scent free wipes to clean that wound., if the bleeding ever stops of course. This furious beast sound was recorded at Echo Room Recordings Studios, the band will hit the studio this year 2016 to do what they do best.

Reported By:Hostile Jo

The Band is

Paul Buckley- Vocals

Goreblaster Korpse-Harvest- Guitars

Nate MacMillen- Drums

Brendan Burdick- Bass

Get a glimpse of “Hyperanal Hemorrhaging”

Get your copy Here

Courtesy of Agains PR.

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