EVILE: The thrash metal that Metallica Inspired.

Anxiously seeking for some new riffs, heavy bass guitars, and fast drumming I stumbled upon a thrash metal band. Metal Millitia who transformed in to this now trash metal force named EVILE picked up where Metallica decades ago. Their line up changed due to deaths, and life changing events but Matt Drake created this force known as Evile.



With their ability to create music and write about death, murder and our presidents’ favorite WAR. Evile strikes you like a bolt of lightning with shrieking guitars from Matt Drake, and Pier Donno-Fuller, deep bass notes from Joel Graham and upbeat drums by Ben Carter. Clean vocals make this band stand out and can keep you on the edge of that mosh pit waiting for that crazy speed metal to ensue mayhem. “Armoured Assault” is one of those songs that starts with fast guitar sliding riffs and fast drumming technics. The guitar solo is a monster of its own; pick sweeping, fast hammering and killer rhythm is the key to this band’s prosperous thrash metal. As to why this band is not that popular is mind blowing. Their most recent album (2013) titled ‘Skull’  and the self titled song “Skull” is full of rhythm and anger, talking about hungry demons who want your soul and the heavy Fucking music makes you want to run away from that. All in all this band has execution, style, influenced by some of the forefathers of trash metal “Metallica” they keep the thrash alive as EVILE resuscitates this movement again classic trashers like Exodus, Testament and Anthrax stay up there with this band. However, head to head the shows would be a metal head’s dream come true, old trash with new trash metal shows would be ideal. Long live Evile, long live Trash Metal.

Joe Doe

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