Children of Bodom, Hexed The Fans at Santa Ana- The Observatory

The legendary Finnish melodic death metal act, Children of Bodom embarked on their Hexed 2019 tour with support from Wolfheart and Swallow the Sun and all their sets have been nothing but spectacular.

RK8_7083On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 Children of Bodom along with with Wolfheart and Swallow the Sun delivered a brutal set. Wolfheart came on stage with a magnificent performance, listening to their heavy sounds and gory vocals amped the crowd. The band delivered an energetic set, playing new and old tracks which fans have raged to perhaps on their commute to work and such. Vocalist, instills a perpetuating energy across on all fans and they moshpit was vivid. The set was tight, loud and rabid each guitar note was played with rage, each drum blast was catastrophic and the bass made the walls of The Observatory shake. Their trek continues with Children of Bodom make sure to catch them live to witness some real, raw brutal metal.

RK8_7324The co-headliner death doom metal outfit, Swallow the Sun came in with their ominous sound, one that delivered dark riffs and virulent vocals. Their set was dark, eerie but with a touch of evil that compelled fans  to rage and mosh relentlessly. Swallow the Sun delivered their most recent record titled When A Shadow Is Forced into The Light, and has the fans raving about this record. Their live set was intense, they delivered all their energy on stage and wearing black hoods they fed the masses a maelstrom of death metal. The band is on this supporting tour with Children of Bodom and has delivered a phenomenal performance. You can sense the bands chemistry from any point of the venue and their energy projects savagely across the stage. Make sure to check out Swallow the Sun live for a dark performance.

RK8_7378The legendary Children of Bodom came in stronger than usual, with debilitating performance the fans raged harder than I’ve ever seen. Children of Bodom played tracks off their newest opus album release titled Hexed. After seeing their performance at the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, and with this new release their sound was magnificent. Their thrash metal blend with melodies and savage vocals captured the fans attention once again. This band has been on the trenches for a long time, and they are only getting better as time passes. With tracks like “Platitudes and Barren Words”, “Hexed” and other classic ones Children of Bodom played an energetic set. Henkka Blacksmith on bass delivered a powerful performance, as well as Daniel Freyberg during the dual guitar section in the above mentioned track. The night was filled with brutal music, uplifting tracks like Angels Don’t Kill were chanted by the fans as testament to true loyalty to a band that has created the sickest music yet. There is not much to say, except that all members, from Alexi Laiho, Jane Warman on Keyboards and Jaska Raatikainen are still playing beautifully. Let’s we not forget about Henkka Blacksmith who amps the crowd with his killer personality and watching Daniel Freyberg shred on guitars is majestic. Continue to follow Children of Bodom on their Hexed 2019 tour and make sure to get your copy of their titled album Hexed.


By: Hostile Jo



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