Children of Bodom, Hexed: To Blow Your Mind

cobbandThe legendary melodic finish death metal icons Children of Bodom have packed ten mind blowing tracks in their upcoming release titled Hexed. The album will be released this coming Friday, March 8th, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records. The album is a masterpiece, it kicks off with a mind numbing riff on the titled track “This Road”. The track is loaded with harmonies, and a sensational guitar work by Alexi Laiho. This track is very technical in all aspects. The master of riffs, Alexi Laiho, has done it again with the explosive guitar solo on this track, from the drums (Jaska Raatikainen), to the bass (Henkka Blacksmith) and synthesizer (Jane Wirman), this track has all the elements known to be distinctive by Children of Bodom, that which separates them from the rest. Imagine, Follow The Reaper, some years later.

There are elements of trash metal, death metal and that furious sound Children of Bodom created to stand out from the bunch. With the single titled “Under Grass and Clover”, Children gave you a different sound, but as you dig deeper into the album, tracks like Hecate’s Nightmare have that King Diamond intro, very eerie, and gets heavy as the song plays. If you want to get a kick to the throat make sure to check out “Kick in a Spleen”, this ferocious track will make you mosh relentlessly. With a brutal riff that sounds like Exodus’ classic trash metal, you hear the sequences of drums and riffs (Daniel Freyberg) creating a savage track. This is a perplex attack to your ears, with Alexi’s harmonies and Sasha’s enchanting synthesizer this track also has elements of black metal. Play this song on repeat, right after you listened the self titled track “Hexed”, another neck breaker. With the medieval “” the song then transitions to the faster track on the album, by my standards; giving the track depth, heaviness and fuel for metal heads to headbang with guitar licks, dive bombs and an explosive double pedal by “” Children deliver yet another perpetual track. The guitar solos played in classic style and format, one after the other including the traditional Children of Bodom’s keys and string battle are sensational. This track will suck you in, and slowly set you back in to the quiet realm that exists after you listen to any Children of Bodom track, that which leaves you in awe.

The album contains great work by all ax-men and bassist “” delivers a contagious groove throughout the entire album. This album will definitely bring you happiness, it contains each element that stands the test of time, from ambitious guitar riffs, relentless drum work and of course the virulent vocals by front man Alexi Laiho, a generation of metal heads will appreciate the sound of the Finnish death metal act known as Children of Bodom. Take a listen to my interview with Henkka Blacksmith,

By: Jose Barrientos

Henkka Blacksmith- Children of Bodom


Confirmed dates for the Hexed 2019 North American tour with SWALLOW THE SUNWOLFHEART, SUMMONER’S CIRCLEHOLLOW CRY, and FRAGMENTUM are:
3/13/2019   Imperial – Quebec City, QC*
3/14/2019  Corona Theater – Montreal, QC*
3/15/2019  Bronson Centre – Ottawa, ON *
3/16/2019  The Phoenix Concert Theater – Toronto, ON*
3/18/2019  St. Andrews – Detroit, MI**
3/19/2019  House of Blues – Chicago, IL**
3/20//2019  Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN**
3/22//2019  The Summit – Denver, CO **
3/23//2019  Metro Music Hall – Salt Lake City, UT**
3/25//2019  The Palace Theatre – Calgary, AB**
3/26//2019  Union –  Edmonton, AB**
3/27//2019  The Vogue Theater – Vancouver, BC**
3/29//2019  El Corazon – Seattle, WA**
3/30//2019  Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR ***
4/01//2019  The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA***
4/02//2019  The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA ***
4/03//2019  Club Red – Phoenix, AZ***
4/05//2019  The Rock Box – San Antonio, TX ***
4/06//2019  Warehouse Live – Houston, TX ***
4/07//2019  Canton Hall – Dallas, TX ***
4/09//2019  The Ritz – Tampa, FL *
4/11//2019  Masquerade – Atlanta, GA *
4/12//2019  The Underground – Charlotte, NC *
4/13//2019  Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD*
4/14//2019  Mr Smalls Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA*
4/16//2019  Westcott Theater – Syracuse, NY*
4/17//2019  The Royale – Boston, MA*
4/18//2019  Reverb – Reading, PA  *
4/19//2019  Irving Plaza – New York, NY *

* SUMMONER’S CIRCLE, opening  (March 13-16 & April 9-19)
** HOLLOW CRY opening (March 18-29)
*** FRAGMENTUM opening (March 30  April 7)





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