Ensiferum: Two Paths, a Folk Death Metal Trek

airsisbandAfter four years,  Ensiferum returned to the states and is currently touring with Greek metal purveyors Septicflesh and death metal brutalizers Arsis. The end of the line is coming quite fast, as the tour is over in two days, but on January 21st these three acts demonstrated on stage their might.

Arsis headed by James Malone delivered a magnificent performance, playing tracks from their earliest work to some of the most devastating ones off their new record titled Visitant. The fans gathered for a set that blew them away. With the absence of Brandon Ellis, Arsis still killed on stage. Noah Martin head banged and delivered a decapitating performance on bass. Mean while on guitar and vocals the man himself, James Malone gored out and chopped bodies with his killer tone and heavy riffs. The fans felt the drum work by Shawn Priest as it pierced their bodies and render them to mosh even faster. This band sounds tight, with songs that are eerie, and filled with horror themes from movies such as The Shining and Hannibal to name a few classics. The atmosphere grew thicker as they delivered an exceptional mind blowing death metal set, with furious guitar solos from a style of their own. Arsis recently dropped their latest record titled Visitant through Nuclear Blast Records, it is a tasty horrifying album. Make sure to get your copy and check out our interview with James Malone below.

dsc_3597Septicflesh, the Greek symphonic death metal band followed the hammering act of Arsis, and they went on stage with powerful sound. The band recently signed with Nuclear Blast Records, properly earned contract with such an extreme record label. This band did not waste time, as they escalated that throne and delivered neck breaking tracks like “Anubis” and “Martyr” to name a few of those explosive riffs filled compositions. With Seth on bass and demon engorged demon like vocals Septicflesh demolished The Regent. This sound penetrated all who stood before them, as the walls shook the fans raged insatiably connecting elbows on fellow moshers upper bodies and embracing the brutality. As the madness unravels, on stage you see Sotiris and Christos delivering some killer riffs as well, while headbanging restlessly. The potency of both instruments is parallel to the catastrophic drum work by Kerim, who executes the cannons with might. Each drum blast, guitar riff, vocal and bass line debilitates the fans, yet they feed off that energy being exerted and demonstrate their passion for the music with heavy moshing.

dsc_3753To finalize the annihilation at The Regent, Metal Blade Records own, Ensiferum arose from the behind stage and the crowd went mad. Ensiferum played tracks from their most recent album Two Paths, a melodic ravaging record. They kicked off with the track “For Those About To Fight for Metal” and the crowd observed as Petri Lindroos and Markus Toivonen played masterfully. Their majestic guitar skills allows the fans to enjoy a repertoire of mind bending riffs and tunes that transport you to battle field during the viking era. With Folk roots, this band enamored many fans in the past years and The Regent witnessed a true folk melodic death metal debauchery on this date. Janne Parviainen plays the drums with ease, not missing a beat and delivering that extra power this band exudes. The energy propelled toward the crowd by all members is contagious and Sami Hinkka on bass dancing and prancing to the folk tunes entices the fans as they mosh and dance on the floor. With their display of melodies, Ensiferum played a vibrant set and demonstrated why they are the kings of folk melodic death metal hailing from Finland. Their new album is out now and you can get your copy via Metal Blade Records.


By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos





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