Arsis Talks About New Album Theme and Recording Process

airsisbandMelodic-tech death metal purveyors, Arsis, have unleashed an invigorating new album titled Visitant, via Nuclear Blast Records this last Friday November 2nd and it smashes. The album has a killer introduction, setting the horrific tone for the rest of the album. On track titled “Tricking The Gods”, the band creates an eerie atmosphere from the get-go transitioning to a brutal hammering of the brain. The vocals by James Malone are furious and filled with demonic anger. The guitars by Brandon Ellis will slay your soul with the melodies of the underground paired up with catastrophic double pedals and hammering on the drums. Followed by a guttering track like “Hell Sworn”, the album delivers ambitious and perplex sounds, some that come from thrash metal roots, mixed with black metal and death as well, the elements are there for this album to be a top runner for album of the year in the melodic death metal scene.

Arsis kept their classic sound and added a creative side to this macabre album. The album does not talk about the movie “The Visitant”, instead it relates to the visitor, the evil forces that surround you in the dark moments of your life. There is more to this music and these lyrics than what you hear, the creation of this album was fairly modern, yet keeping the roots of metal within each riff, each drum pow, each gory vocal and deep bass deliverance; it is pure madness. Another decapitating track is “Fathoms”, from the vocals by James and guitars by Brandon Ellis, the drums by Shawn Priest, arrive on this track with a striking punch to the throat. The drumming is vicious and adds the speed to this deadly band. But do not assume this band is simply aggressive riffs, there is technicality on the guitar work by Brandon Ellis, and the bass by Noah Martin is executed,  eviscerating the feeble. The anger unleashed by vocalist James Malone is debilitating, it instills dark energy with each growl and scream. One can rightfully call this the soundtrack to Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories, the music alone, and interjecting the vocals with virulent power. The album is packed with rage, in all spectrums, lyrically and musically amplifying the impact which is of glorious darkness. A complete head smasher.

By: Jose Barrientos



Album formats:
– Jewelcase CD.
– Jewelcase CD with slipcase and patch.
– Gatefold Black Vinyl (with insert).
– Gatefold Ultra Clear White / Gray Smoke Vinyl (with insert and double sided poster).
– T-shirt (two versions).
– Digital.


1. Tricking The Gods
2. Hell Sworn
3. Easy Prey
4. Fathoms
5. As Deep As Your Flesh
6. A Pulse Keeping Time With The Dark
7. Funeral Might
8. Death Vow
9. Dead Is Better
10. Unto The Knife
11. His Eyes (Pseudo Echo Cover)

James Malone – vocals, guitars
Noah Martin – bass
Brandon Ellis – guitars
Shawn Priest – drums

Interview with James Malone:




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