Kataklysm & Exmortus Play a Sold Out Whisky A Go Go

DSC_0118Kataklysm released their latest brutal record titled Meditations, and they went wild playing a few selective shows. The band was supported by Los Angeles’ shredders, Exmortus, who also released their most innovative record yet, titled The Sound of Steel. Both bands packed some serious heat on the stage at the Whisky A Go Go, and fans raged furiously.


Exmortus, with a new line up played an electrifying set, with songs like “Metal is King” and new tracksThe  off their released album titled The Sound of Steel. With new drummer taking over the hammering, Adrian Aguilar, has proved live why he was chosen to ride forth with Exmortus. You can hear Warbringer’s Carlos Cruz on the album delivering some potent drums, but live you can see the passion this new drummer has. Adrian first played with Exmortus in Germany, and the audience raved of his work. Chase Becker and Jardan “Conan” Gonzalez are the new dynamic duo. DSC_0934With agility and talent these two guys played Moonlight Sonata (act 3) ferociously and the fans went insane. There is no doubt that this L.A. local band is taking the world by the neck and bashing some skulls with their fantastic sound. The fans headbanged, and moshed relentlessly to the beat of “Feast of Flesh” and you can simply focus on the fingering of the jacksons on stage by two guitar virtuosos. Their latest album is a masterpiece, filled with neck breaking riffs and watching them live gives the viewers a taste of real metal.

The headliner, Kataklysm, has been in the trenches for quite sometime, yet the band feels like an outsider. An outsider to the genre, as they play hybrid metal, with roots in death metal, heavy metal and progressive sounds. Kataklysm hailing from Canada delivered a debilitating set at the Whisky A Go Go. Playing songs from Of Ghosts and Gods to their newest addition; Meditations. Maurizio Iacono instills a savage feeling on the crowd, fans jump up and down to the sound of his vocals as well as the potency of their riffs. Jean Francois Dagenais is a beast on guitar, his sound breaks walls and shakes metal heads across the Whisky A Go Go. With such powerful sound, he is met by DSC_0209Stephane Barbe, who whirlwinds his hair creating a tornado dragging all the souls in. The tempo is certainly set by Oli Beaudoin, who smashed his drums virulently. Kataklysm played a skillful set, filled with power and rage, the Whisky once more stood it’s ground and witnessed a phenomenal display of musicianship. Kataklysm delivered for the world their killer record titled Meditations, one that you must acquire and listen to non-stop. If you have not yet, make sure to check out my interview with Maurizio Iacono and see what the album is about in his own words.


By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos

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