Nyctophile- A Force to Reckon

DSC_0328A band from Los Angeles named Nyctophile recently released their new album titled “We Are The Darkness”, which is energetic and filled with rage. The sounds of melodic death metal will ring in your ears with such power you might just go deaf. On February 9th, 2018 the band had their album release show at Pizza Wings and Beer in Pomona, California and the quaint venue raged furiously.

The band took over the stage determined to draw you in with their brutal sound and raw gory vocals, and the fans loved each second of it. The brick walls shook, and the speakers roared profound. The vocals by Edwin Haroutonian are powerful and will make your body drop, this character has such animosity in his sound he scares you senseless. His energy spreads across the room as he roars endlessly to songs like “Hate Reign” and “Shit Support”. Carrying their axes, Alex Rosas and founding member Julian Bastida, deliver a beautiful collection of metal riffs. The crowd raged and moshpit restlessly as guitar solos were piercing their ears, as Alex is a master of his craft. Standing tall, with powerful expressions, he makes his mark in the metal world. Meanwhile, on rhythm and backing leads, Julian also screams his guts out during this performance. In the shadows, you see drummer Victor Karam, also owner of Karam drumming, destroying his throne. The blast coming from behind resonate in the walls as the venue feels the intense explosions of this weapon of music destruction. Give it to the bassist to add depth right, well Javier Quinto, slaps that bass with power and stomps on the stage with rage.

DSC_0096Nyctophile plays tight, and after a year or so of hiatus, the band is stronger than ever. Their sound enamored the fans of metal, and carved a spot in metalheads’ hearts, if they have any. The set was filled with melodic riffs, explosive cannon blasts and demonic vocals, Nyctophile will bash your brains in with such a prolific sound. Check out their upcoming tour dates during the Devastation of The Nation Tour. 

Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos


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