Nyctophile- To Shine Light with “We Are The Darkness”

NyctophileAn infinite spectrum of guitar riffs and drum blasts overtake your body, it levitates your soul when suddenly you realize you’re listening to an album you just picked up and not at a live performance. These are the sensations that will course through your body once you hit that play button on your media player and Nyctophile comes in heavy and furious. Nyctophile has released a dark and aggressive album titled We Are The Darkness, and it is relentless from the get go.

Nyctophile, a local LA band has the magnitude of Behemoth and Carcass with elements of In Flames and Dark Tranquility. If you are looking for the never-ending assault on drums and brutal vocals check out the introductory song “Hate Reigns” off their album We Are The Darkness, the harmonics on this song add a melodic sound encompassed by aggravating drum blasts. All these sounds make sense once you hear the demonic vocals by Edwin Haroutonian, you will feel the darkness within take over. The first song blends immediately to the breathtaking riffage on track Harbinger, it is a devastating force that will submerge you in to the abyss, harrow you in the darkest pits of solitude reawakening you with majestic guitar solos. Yes, pick swiping, hammering and the incessant double bass pedals will bash your brains out. It is the work of masters of their craft, with their first two songs you are drawn in to the downward spiral event that is We Are The Darkness. Dimmu Borgir has those epic introduction songs like Fear and Wonder off Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia, and the track “March of The Exiles” has a riveting first few seconds, kicking in with debilitating tones, and ambiance added by a symphonic orchestration. Nyctophile has all the elements covered, melodic riffs, blasphemous vocals and explosive drums complimented by a heavy bass.

The album will floor you, drag you in and spit you back out, with the delightful enigmatic sounds, Nyctophile will seduce your ghastly soul. Make sure to attend their album release party at the Pomona venue, PBWLA along with Witchaven and friends of the underground. In the mean time check out their latest video to “Hate Reings” below.


Reported by: Hostile Jo


Don not miss their Album Release party On February 9th, at PBWLA in Pomona.

Friday, February 9th, 2018
PBW – 296 W. 2nd st., Pomona, CA 91766
*ALL AGES* *Bar for 21+**FOOD TOO!*
$10 Cover Charge at the Door
Doors at 8pm – First Band at 8:30pm

Witchaven – Black Thrash Assault

Macrocosm – “Through The Gates of Terra” E.P. Release – Death Thrash

Nyctophile – “We Are The Darkness” Album Release – Melodic Death Metal –

Novareign – Progressive Power Metal

This show was 100% put together by the bands for the fans so come out and rage with us!

Get your copy here of Nyctophile


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