Battlesoul: Metasis ov Folk into Divine Art

battlesoulThe sounds of flutes, heavy artillery and majestic female back up vocals has enamor the metal community, and one band is unleashing their fury within via those sounds. Battlesoul has manifested a record that will have you raging non-stop. Their upcoming release titled Sunward  And Starward is a collection of energizing tracks, filled with decapitating guitar riffs and blasts. The downward spiral song comes in heavy, “All I Understand” has a multitude of cannon blasts from the get go, with heavy guitars completed with clean vocals. This song has impact, and a killer guitar riff on minute one, suddenly you hear shrieks of a skillful vocalist, with versatility in his voice, to go from high pitch to low pitch like classic rockers Ronnie James Dio, and such. The flute comes in heavy adding a vivacious feeling to the song, followed by a marvelous guitar lick blending into a solo. The song ends, but not the mayhem. Track number two is titled “Bearing The Sword”, the introduction is powerful, with lethal drums through out it. The relentless beating eases in minute 3:00 but the conclusion to the song is compelling.

This Canadian local band, molted celtic sounds, added ferocity with metal riffs and cannon blast to compose what is the album of 2018; this is proven in track titled “Arrival”. This compilation of spiritual sounds develops ideas in your mind, it instills images of waterfalls and dragons, and perhaps some battles in the fields surrounded by high peaks, cold weather and bloodshed. The elements of black metal, folk and celtic are prominent, Battlesoul has mastered the infusion of those sounds in tracks like “The Watcher”, taking you in twist and turns with their versatile composition. In order to appreciate this album one must be opened minded, it carries forward the sounds of classic celtic and folk metal, adding a punch with catastrophic riffs. The vocals by Jon Doyle are gory, however he can alter his vocal chords from growls of orgs to heavy metal screams,  delivering a deadly punch. There is more to their gore musically, symphonies on tracks like the self titled track “Sunward and Starward” remind you of some classic Dimmu Borgir, and it will shred your soul. It is time for this band to be recognized for their brutal sound, be sure to pick up your copy of this here masterpiece. The record will be out on February 23rd, via CDN Records, order links are below. 


Reported by: Hostile Jo


Pre-order here CANADA

Pre-order here INTERNATIONAL

Jon Doyle – Vocalsa
Thomas Ireland – Guitars/Samples
Andrew Murray – Guitar
Bill Elliott – Bass
Nicholas Ireland – Drums




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