Vader, Legendary Polish Death Metal Unleash a Ravaging New Album- “Solitude in Madness”

Vader2016cThe Polish legendary death metal band Vader has delivered some heavy albums, and with the new upcoming release titled Solitude in Madness they will sweep the world once again. The album will be out on May 1st, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records, amidst this covid-19 pandemic and it is exactly what you need during these dull times.

Vader has raised the bar for heavy death metal from their record Litany, to this new upcoming release Solitude in Madness. The drum pounding sounds, and melodic heavy riffs are abundant. The introductory track titled, “Shock and Awe” kicks off aggressively with plenty of guitar licks and solos that will floor you. This epic track delivers staggering guitar work by Peter and Spider, filled with consuming rage. The violence inflicted by this album continues on track titled “Despair”, a speed filled song with transitions on both guitars and bass that will leave you perplexed. This is a 1:18 minute song, filled with savage drum work by James. Do not panic, as the track that follows is also action filled, with a complex intro; setting the tone for a thrash filled journey. This track, “Incineration of The Gods”, is vile filled with neck breaker solos and insane vocals. Vader have shown with this album why they continue to be top contenders in the realm of death metal. Their skills and ability to add thrashy riffs blended in this death metal sound is extraordinary, these Polish death metal purveyors will not stop making music they enjoy; as time after time they keep creating virulent music for fans of the scene.

Gatefold LP (2018).indd

Want more raw brutal death metal, check out “And Satan Wept”, the repertoire of gruesome riffs just comes at you with vile intent. This furious track is a skull crusher, it has amazing drum work, from fillers to blasts underneath a great guitar riff all cohesively manifested to inflict pain. Each track contains Vader’s signature sound, instilling madness and rage through various tempos, heavy riffs and profound lyrics filled with aggression and surpass musicianship.  We had the chance to get a one-on-one with Peter Wiwczarek who talks about the album, cover art and more. Take a listen.

By: Hostile Jo

VADER Line Up:
Peter – Vocals, Guitars
Spider – Guitars
James – Drums
Hal – Bass

Buy Vader- “Solitude In Madness”


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