Immolation-Atonement: Giving us Hell

immolationalbumImmolation in its natural state, just released a brutal album titled Atonement, a record to reckon as this year’s possible best creation in the Death Metal genre. The brain smashing drums are relentless in this album, starting with the titled song “The Distorting Light”, as the eerie riff kicks in, so does Ross Dolan’s vocals, uncanny as they are and essential for this album. This song has magnificent executed pitch harmonics, which add that extra death metal gruesomeness, here they are used as the bridge before the catastrophic guitar solo. Both guitarist Robert Vigna and Alex Bouks are magnificent and talented. The second track- “When the Jackals Come”, is an aggressive yet melodic song. The bass (Ross Dolan) and drums (Steve Shalay), blast away as the guitars punish your ears with that complex riff on rhythm, as the lead guitar has a brutal ringing note, which will immolate the weak. The way this song closes, is slow and heavy, a style heard on many tracks by Immolation before this; is their signature key.

What is metal with out brutal riffs, and heavy vocals? If you want a song that has build up, check out “Thrown to the Fire”, this track has the slow and steady yet powerful sound Immolation loves to conjure, rendering this an incandescent creation. You have seen the video to “Destructive Currents”, and the song it self is a barrage of pain, one which will leave you laying in agony as the mosh pit ends. This fiery track has great work on guitars, as well as the drums, the rhythm in minute 1:20 is crucial for the transition from a slow section to the most brutal part of the song; the guitar solo. This track has a lot to offer, as the musicians play their souls out, the energy can definitely create those destructive currents leaving no trace of life. This album is noting but raw, fatal death metal, the insatiable craving for a brutal sound will be fed and fulfilled. If you need more words of advice, just grab a copy and be ready for the heaviest death metal sound to blast your head off with this Immolation record, titled, Atonement out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

Album Reviewed By: Hostile Jo

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