Dead Quiet- Breaking The Barriers of Sound

Dead Quiet 2017 2Rock n Roll, metal and its sub-genres is an over saturated world, where you either have your own style or sound like all the others. In such a populated realm of riffs and vocals of destruction, one band stands out and they are Dead Quiet. The New York quartet has delivered a heavy and groovy album titled Grand Rites. In the search for heaviness, and somber music you will encounter this band, with tracks that will have you smashing your brains out to doom/heavy metal sounds. The band was formed by singer/guitaris Kevin Keegan, who together with Brock Macinnis, Jason Dana, and Mike Grossnickle conjured doom metal with a touch of classic rock and metal. Their debut record is burning holes in the ozone layer with their heavy octane sound. The titled track “Moon Cruiser” has the sounds of Black Sabbath, with guitars that provide depth, and a sinister organ kicking in to add a thick layer of darkness. The song immediately sets in the doom realm, as Kevin shouts lyrics of despair, the band adds a soul cleansing sound.  In minute 3:00 you will hear a catchy riff, melodic and with strings being hammered, the bridge which sets the rest of the song’s mood, speedy and heavy. If you are looking for guitar solos this track has a bitching one, with all the waass and face melting metal you can envision.

Dead Quiet picks it up a notch with the second track titled Blood Lovers, the intro’s requiem is followed by a magnificent guitar lick with a staggering drum work. With heavy metal elements, of powerful chords and rhythmic licks, Dead Quitet  will traverse across the nation, the modern Corrosion of Conformity and sounds of Electric Wizard are conjured by these NYC metallers. If you are leaning more towards the doom metal to light up a joint, play track titled “Fucking Oath” as loud as possible. This song has all the heavy doom you want, with swaying notes and roaring vocals. Yes, you can definitely play this song during your extra curricular activities in bed with your misses. The gloomy days can be spent hearing track “Dear Demon”, as you devote your time to the darker forces, you will hear a blues song with anger in Kevin’s voice entering your mind smoothly. This track gets louder by the minute and the finger licking riffs take you back to the Led Zeppelin era. The record Grand Rites will have you singing and dancing as the potent guitar tones hit your body.

The roots of Led Zeppelin and Electric Wizard are resonant in this band’s sound. There is masterful guitar work, deep organ playing (hahaha) and vocals that will levitate your soul. Each track is composed with perfection and rhythm one can only sit back and enjoy the ride to a different world. Make sure to get your copy of the upcoming kings of Doom/heavy metal Dead Quintet. The record was release on November 3rd via Artoffact Records/ Storming The Base.


Written by : Hostile Jo



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