Atriarch- The Menacing Sound Arising From Darkness

AtriarchAtriarch, doom metal outfit, will awaken the angry titan asleep in you, as they play their intro song titled, “Inferno”. Their new album titled Dead As Truth is dark and heavy, filled with enough doom to drag you into hell and make you beg for forgiveness. Their sound is brutal, in all doom aspects. Vocalist “Lenny Smith” roars out to the sludgiest tunes there are in this modern day. The seven minute introduction is a storm in a dark sea, where only the moon lights your path, yet the clouds darken it ominously. The ritualistic bass riff on the song titled “Dead” is heavier than brass balls. Things can not get any heavier and darker than this song; but they do as the album proceeds. This song talks about suicide, a common topic among the metal world, yet a fascinating one to those who do not suffer from it from first hand experiences. This song will lure you into the abyss, as you spiral down the maze of flames, you will feel your skin peeling off as heavy drum waves hit your body. With the tremolo on guitars, you will envision the end is near, but this song will resuscitate you for other tracks to come and punish you virulently.

There is a lust for death, for recklessness and emptiness, the track “Void” will fill that hollow cavity you call a heart. The anger spews out vocally, and the doomish drums and heavy strums on guitar will levitate you in the candle lit room as the ritual commences. This band kills, their sound is darker and more powerful than a black hole. It will suck you in, making your body jerk, as you simultaneously enter a state of ecstasy. Darkness has a melody, a rhythm and it is called Atriarch. Doom metal has crossed the boundaries between darkness and the abysmal realms. You will “Repent”, and feel the tremors of the bass as this song starts. This band has intricate songs, those which will instill rage, and grant you a vision to the dark realms, from the living point and the underground too. Be ready to linger in the dark halls of hell, as you transcend to the fiery pits of satan’s home, this record will have you jerking relentlessly.

Written By- Hostile Jo





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