AxeMaster-Heavy Doom

unnamed-2Horror and the Macabre have a home in the guitar riffs of a doom metal band named AxeMaster. Formed in 1985, by lead guitarist Joe Sims, is remaining strong in their sound and line existence for 30 plus years now. During their first release of “Slave to the Blade” the line up remained steady. Soon after, the second release, a line up change occurred but did not hinder the sound and vision of this heavy doom metal band. The band took a break from the music world, reuniting again in 2007, allowing them to release “Blessing in The Skies” through Burning Star Records.

Despite the line up changes in the past decades the idea to continue on with the heavy sound remains. This band is a combination of aggression and non-speed thrash metal, the sound hits you in the face with a sledgehammer. unnamed-1The track “Chylde” starts with the pounding of doom metal drums, followed by an intense dark metal riff. This track is malevolent, and will take the world by storm. Its a different sound of mid speed guitar riffs, and clean vocals making this band less brutal but heavy nonetheless.
The band has acquired a new second lead guitarist, Damin Bennet. on July 29th at the Empire concert Club Damin will mark his debut in Akron, Ohio. Make sure you check this act out and let the metal pervade your body and soul.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


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