The Adicts Amp The House Of Blues- A Packed House

DSC_0204The Adicts will release their new punk record titled And It Was So… via Nuclear Blast Records and they celebrated their continuous success on October 27th, at the Anaheim House of Blues with an intimate show. Did we say intimate, the venue was packed with fans of all ages, from 4 year old punk loving kids dressed in denim and wearing hats, to older droogs army fans rocked hard. The night was one filled with punk music and tons of beer of course.

The scene was friendly and those fans were wild all night long on the pit and crowd surfing. This band draws a lot of fans, new and old ones, as their music makes everyone go berserk. It was Halloween weekend, and the entry by Monkey was exciting, he wore an orange suit, and had mesmerizing wings which light reflected off of them. A nice sight to witness, all while Pete Dee Davison rocks out, delivering fast classic tunes. Fans raged as Michael Davison hammered furiously on drums, and the bands chemistry infected everyone with each song. There is one way to start your punk career and that is by listening and watching The Adicts live. Words can not describe the scene, check out the Adicts live at a city near you, make sure to get their new album “And It Was So…”

Written by: Hostile Jo

 Check out Our Interview With Monkey and Pete Dee Davidson

Pre-order your copy of And It Was So! here:

Or you pre-order your copy of the album on either iTunes or Amazon.

The album will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Jewel
  • White vinyl – limited to 500
  • Clear with orange splatter vinyl – limited to 500
  • White cassette – limited to 200
  • “Cover” TS + CD + 11×17 poster + (2) buttons (pricing $25/27)
  • “Keyhole” T-Shirt

Below is the track list for And It Was So! 
1. Picture The Scene
2. Fucked Up World
3. Talking Shit
4. If You Want It
5. Gospel According To Me
6. Gimme Something To Do
7. Love Sick Baby
8. And It Was So
9. Deja Vu
10. I Owe You
11. Wanna Be
12, You’ll Be The Death Of Me

Full Gallery 


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