The Adicts, A Voice of A Generation

DSC_0703Rockbrary- “What does the track “Picture The Scene” talk about?”

The Adicts- “The song is about artist living in a surreal world, what we are going through. You have to  look at crazy things, visualize things and making it happen, be positive if you want to change the world a bit.”

Rockbrary- “You are now with Nuclear Blast Records a heavier music label, would that change your sound to a heavier hardcore punk perhaps?”

The Adicts- “No, we do not follow crowds, we are completely true to what we do. Our new record sounds just like what The Adicts should sound like. It is nice that we signed with Nuclear Blast, Marcus has been such a huge fan of our music, we have a two album deal with them.”

Rockbrary- “Where do you have the biggest fan base?”

The Adicts- “Our fan base in California is huge, Europe, Spain all over. I would truly say the biggest fan base in in South America, in Mexico particularly followed by Brazil. It is nice to have such a big latin fan base, we have a big connection with Chiapas, we were there to support victims during the aftermath of the earthquake. It is amazing to see how tragedy makes people strong and hey come together. Mexico is heavy shit!!”

Rockbrary- “Tell us about the recording process, you recorded in La Habra?”

The Adicts- “Correct, the recording process was in La  Habra, there were no samples, all was real drums, we jammed. We took out time with this album, that studio is amazing for mixing, we did our own production. We know what we want to sound like, what The Adicts should sound like. Why waste our time with a producer, they seem to destroy our sound with time.”

Rockbrary- “You have many sold out shows in Europe, what does that make you feel after so many years you still rock it?”

The Adicts- “You know, I had no idea they were sold out, that is great. Many years back in England we had a show at this small bar we all walked in and it happened to be the wrong night. There was one dude and his dog, we said wow, let’s ask the bartender he said you can play. About three songs through he got up and left, there was only his beer and we played for the set to a beer.”

Rockbrary- “What do you think about streaming music and not buying the hard copy?”

The Adicts- “Well I know one million hit gets you 500 bucks, what does that mean. You have kids buying this over priced coffee from Starbucks, at five bucks a cup and can’t afford a record. People just have it wrong.

But it is not what it used to be, internet is ripping bands off, you have to play live to make money. If you want to eat, you have to pay why can’t you pay for music.”

Rockbrary- “The art work is interesting, what does it symbolize?”

The Adicts- “It’s a keyhole right? Have you ever looked through a keyhole? Can you imagine all the things that hide behind that hole. All the secrets hidden. So that is what we have.”

Rockbrary- “Do you think fans will be weary to get the album simply because you are with a heavier record label?”

The Adicts- “They would be stupid to, it would be foolish! If you like the band listen to it even if the label is different. The label is behind the band, Marcus supports our sound and we did it, after 40 years we sound the way we always wanted to sound. We sound like the Adicts. Fans will not be disappointed.”

Rockbrary- “Thank you, we are looking forward to seeing you live and supporting your sound.”

The Adicts- “Thank you, we will be touring more in 2018 we have lots of gigs we are just looking for a couple of bands to join us on tour. We will be touring in support of And It Was So…”


Reported By: Hostile Jo




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