Marzi Montazeri & Tim “The Ripper” Owens Deliver Harmonic Metal

MARZI_LEADGuitarist from Heavy As Texas, Marzi Montazeri just released a powerful metal record tilted The Uprising. This metal composition will surely knock your socks off. With Tim “The Ripper” Owens featured as the lead singer this duet delivers punishing tracks like “Monster Within”, which kicks in with a brutal guitar riff, followed by one of the famous screams by talented Tim Owens. This EP is composed of skillful guitar playing by Marzi Montazeri. If you want to hear a shredding guitar solo wait until minute 3:10 of the track “Monster Within”, where Marzi feeds your insatiable thirst for riffs. The sound of this album is a resemblance of later Judas Priest work, filled with heavy riffs and the astonishing vocals by Tim Owens. A modern take on classic rock, filled with harmonic power to sooth your ears. The track titled “Who is Alive” will punch you in the throat the second it kicks in, and it delivers a hammering on drums that will make your body jerk in ecstasy.

The album is filled with energy that will transcend via your devices and be inflicted upon your body, creating a dire need to mosh. There is plenty of groove, metal riffs and rock and roll vocals packed in this debut EP. The EP will definitely entice your soul and will have you waiting for more metal by this talented guitarist Marzi Motazeri and lead singer Tim “The Ripper” Owens. How the both met well that will be left for Marzi to tell you right below.

“A while ago I was asked to play a couple of solos on the Judas Priest tribute album Hell Bent Forever and the track was, ‘Exciter,’” recalls MONTAZERI of first meeting OWENS. “When I arrived, TIM was walking out of the vocal booth for the evening. I was blown away by his performance and personality. He’s a super cool and funny dude. So when it came to this EP where I knew I wanted a powerful metal vocalist, I just made a call to him and here we are with some original music.” -Marzi Montazeri

Marzi just launched Crunchy Western Records, and has focused on many projects such as guitar production, guest appearances with Philip H. Anselmo, as well as with Tim Owens in the Judas Priest tribute record- “Hell Bent Forever”. Tim Owens was highly recognized with by his powerful voice in bands such as Judas Priest, Iced Earth and the Judas Priest tribute album as well. Both musicians have delivered a masterpiece with Up Rising. Make sure to get your copy of this heavy record and stay tuned for more news on this creative heavy metal band.




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