Decibel Metal and Beer Festival 2019

Philadelphia hosted one of the most brutal festivals on the East Coast, and Decibel Magazine threw a great party for the masses to gather. The third annual Decibel Metal and Beer Festival took place at The Filmore, where many metal fans lined up to try the numerous beers that had arrived at the venue. The fans were thirsty and wanted to rage as metal bands delivered their best riffs on stage. The lineup consisted of acts like Exhorder, legendary death metal purveyors, Obituary and the recent sensation Baroness. It was two days of brutal assault.


RK8_7830The Filmore is a phenomenal venue, with its warehouse like lobby, and a monstrous floor for all to mosh pit, there was plenty of room for all the breweries to display their savory craft beer. Breweries like Metal Monkey Brewery presented their sours and IPA’s while Cigar City brought a delectable blood orange beer in partnership with Obituary, great citrus notes and smooth finish. As beer was poured and consumed bands like Tombs masters of brutal metal delivered a killer performance. With Mike up front, and guitarist the sound was beyond perfection. They played tracks like “November Wolves” and “Cold” to entice the masses and they successfully amped all the headbangers. All members of this band played tight, with precision and aggression this band has delivered numerous killer performances, and this has to be one of their best yet. They performed at the Knotfest meets Ozzfest two years ago and they have this intensity to their set it will make you want to see them each time they are in town.

RK8_7987The night was young, and the stage was just about to get dark, as Uada, black metal act conjured a sacrilegious performance. The stage went dark, as you are left with nothing, but the logo lit in the background and fog is released setting the ominous ambiance Uada rises out of the shadows and performs an intense show. Their maelstrom of riffs and heavy drumming (Josiah Babcock) is only one part of their unleashed fury, the lead singer Jake Superchi growls like a ravaging demon perpetuating the evilest of sounds. The shadows made sound, and with their ambitious performance they won the dark souls of everyone at the venue. They played tracks like “The Purgin Fire” and “Cult of a Dying Sun”, some which were filled with nothing but black metal elements that would ensue a ritual on any given day. Nothing could stop this malevolent sound, and metal heads raged relentlessly to it.


RK8_8119By this point, some people must have already been feeling the effects of the luscious golden liquid, beer, as moshers were intense during the Exhorder performance. Exhorder, from New Orleans are the east coast Death Angel, they played some insane thrash metal and unleashed their energy on stage. Exhorder is working on a new album, to be released via Nuclear Blast Records and for those who saw the performance they are pumped about this news. Their lead singer Kyle Thomas sings high notes as both guitarist Vinnie LaBella and Marzi Montazeri from Heavy As Texas, attack you with their speed and ear piercing guitar solos. During this violent attack, drummer Sasha Horn releases all the heavy pows to make your head roll complimented by a destructive bass (Jason Viebrooks), Exhorder unleashed their fury for all to see. The night was killer, and so was the next band.


RK8_8284Obituary, the Gibsonton, Florida locals and master of heavy death metal decapitated their fans. Obituary went on stage heavy as always, they delivered a barrage of pain to the listeners as they played “Slowly We Rot”, “Cause of Death” and many more of the classic favorites. Tom Hardy was destructive as usual with his powerful person on stage, swaying his shampoo commercial long hair. Seriously, what kind of vitamins do these guys use. Trevor Peres, on guitar delivered a perplexed plethora of rhythmic guitars as Kenny Andrews slay the masses with his ear piecing solos and rapid fire. The obliteration of the masses was a guaranteed event, as you hear the double pedal by Donald Tardy complimented by the head pounding bass line by Terry Butler. Obituary, once again demonstrated why they are the masters of classical Florida death metal purveyors. The headliners went on soon after the mayhem settled, The Baroness lit the stage bright with their energy and heavy music. The Savannah, Georgia natives went on stage, ready to party. John Baizley goes on stage and delivers some killer guitar work.

RK8_8527The other energetic guitarist, Gina Gleason, delivers great lead riffs, enticing the fans with her charismatic persona and guitar skills. The band plays a tight set, and the fans loved each track performed with skill by The Baroness. Sebastian Thomson, on drums plays phenomenally and beats his drums relentlessness; as depth is added to this band’s sound by bassist Nick Jost. The night came to an end, as beer coolers emptied out and stumbling joyful metal heads walked out of the venue all bands implanted a brutal memory on fan’s brains, with a few bruises from the mosh pit. Decibel magazine has done a phenomenal job with the lineup and brewery selection. Next year might be hard to top, but we will leave it for the experts.


RK8_8700Day two we saw a collection of tunes from bands like Enslaved, Triptykon among many. We arrived as soon as the lights went out, and the Norwegian progressive death metal band Enslaved climbed the stage. Amidst the fog, and darkness Enslaved rage on the stage to classic songs and new ones alike. The presence of Ivar Bjornson and Arve Isdal on stage is palpable. With their glorifying metal, Enslaved made the crowd go wild and headbangers and crowd surfers enjoyed a compilations of riffs and melodies of the purest form. With Their furious set, even photographers were headbanging, I don’t blame them I missed a few shots to enjoy this marvelous performance. Enslaved was followed by the post black metal band Deafheaven, they are packed with energy and amazing sounds. Their set was a very intense one, delivering a magnificent performance and pumping the crowd with rage and nostalgia. The band has been touring heavily and at each venue you can always hear RK8_9233new fans talk about their live performance. George Clarke is filled with energy, and rages on stage as if it is his last performance, hadbanging, and connecting with the crow he delivers a tantalizing performance. It was a well lit stage, and they delivered a sublime performance. To close the night and the festival, no-one other than Triptykon rised to the occasion. Members of Celtic Frost went on stage and delivered what is a heavy performance. The band played some classic Celtic Frost tunes and some new work, the fans partied hard. On stage, the band played their part and projected a  dark aura, a synergy that embellished all the fans and made them rage. The metal and beer festival by Decibel Magazine brought many metal heads together, to enjoy some dark ales, sours, IPA’s and Obituary’s own blood orange beer, quite delectable. Triyptikon, Enslaved among other bands raised hell. The third annual Decibel Metal and Beer Festival concluded once more, and fans left the venue raving about each aspect of this phenomenal gathering.



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