Artifical Brain- A Supernova Metal Explosion


Photo By: Amy Mills


The face you know is about to be melted off by the brutality and technicality used by Artificial Brain in their newest cosmic record titled Infrared Horizon. The black metal element is engraved in each track with vile guitar riffs. The tone on the guitars have an essence of pure evil. The topics are sci-fi related but the vocals by Will Smith are destructive sounds. The band features Revocation’s own guitarist Dan Gargiulo, he creates a deadly atmosphere on track titled “Synthesized Instinct”. The pulverizing drums (Keith Abrami) on track “Estranged from Orbit” will have you traveling at fast velocity in your vessel. This track is full with extreme sounds, both from guitars and vocals. Sounds that will enrage your soul, once you engage and lost all hope the track “Infrared Horizon” mellows you down with nice harmonic sounds and prepares you for a devastating explosion of riffs and drums. This song is in essence, a virulent complex track with a well performed muted riff in minute 2:38.

The bands ability to blend metal elements with black metal and science is a creation only daring talented mad scientist can master. Tracks such as “Mist Like Mercury” and “Vacant Explorer” give you an interstellar experience with out the astronaut suit. If heavy riffs and screams are what you are into, make sure to check out this technical album. Gear up and board the metal ship, on a journey in the galactic darkness, where no one can hear your screams and the only certain thing is death. The cover art was rendered by  Adam Burke, produced by Colin Marson at The Thousand Caves.

Written By: Hostile Jo

Here is  track to elicit your brain

Artificial Brain- Infrared Horizon- “Synthesized Instinct

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