Amon Amarth Conquers The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino LV

dsc_0190The ships sailed from Sweden, ending at the American shores to conquer warriors and recruit more vikings for this metal show. Amon Amarth, the legendary viking metal band took over The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas and the crowd was thirsty for blood. Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Metal Church and Butcher Babies were among the line up, the vikings brought some friends to make headbangers mosh and raise their horns.

The boat was on stage, where Johan Hegg and company displayed the most excruciating viking metal yet to be heard in America. The merch booths were packed, all fans desired a hammer necklace, shirt or Vinyls. Amon Amarth started their set with the killer track “Twilight of the Thunder God” calling all vikings to prepare for what was a glorifying night. The entire venue was filled with melodic riffs, by Johan Soderberg and Olavi Mikkonen who’s presence on stage were godly. Each guitar strum and note was divine, and played better than in the records, this act is surely one to witness live. Ted Lundstrom was heavy on the bass, his notes are raw and his energy levels are beyond comprehension as he headbands to every blast by Jocke Wallgren. The vikings sure know how t keep the fans intrigued as they play songs from almost every record they have, a total of ten studio albums. With “The Pursuit of Vikings” the fans ravaged The Joint in ecstasy, raising their horns and headbanding restlessly.

dsc_1016If you have seen Amon Amarth before you have felt that energy projected on stage towards you, the camaraderie and pact fans have during this band’s set is unlike no other. The fans hymn to the sounds of the guitar during “Deceiver of the Gods”, a track that has to be the catchiest track, with brutal drum work. As this song is performed by the vikings on stage, fans loose their minds and all together raise their horns head banging to minute 2:00 as the bridge starts, leading to a majestic guitar solo. Suddenly, the futbol hymns start and even I got goosebumps during that epic display of loyalty to such a brutal band. Johan Hegg points at fans, who are raising their horns during the new metal anthem “Raise Your Horns”, a track that is now a trademark by this band, as a video with cameos of rock legends was released last week via VEVO. If you missed this show, or the Knotfest make sure to get your tickets for the remainder of the tour.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Witness The Pursuit Of Vikings


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