Amon Amarth- The Final Battle

DSC_0412_2Viking metal came to America, and The Wiltern was the last stop for Amon Amarth’s greatest long boat. Johan Hegg and the rest of the Vikings unloaded their shields, swords and horns to put up a battle in the great city of Los Angeles. With their nomadic ship, they entered the port of Los Angeles and conquered another city of America. The line was around the corner, as metal head wearing black and showing off their long beards awaited for the doors of The Wiltern to open for the great battle, which was going to take place behind those wooden doors. The stage was ready for the opening act of Exmortus who with their brutal trash/death metal they warmed up the masses for what was about to be historic. Entombed did a killer set worth the whiplash, as their solos and drums pumped the crowd with brutal speeds. The Wiltern was ready to explode with a sold out show, Amon Amarth fans lined up to get their gear right before Amon Amarth unleashed hell on earth.


Beer was being poured, the maniac were unleashed and anxiously waited as the red curtains were hiding what would be an amazing setting for the forthcoming battle. A battle filled with double bass pedals, heavy guitar riffs a bass that decapitated fans by Ted Lundstrom, and vocals of his lord, Johan Hegg. DSC_0344_2The curtain unveils what is a titan size Viking helmet, a top a colossal drum set from which cannons would explode. The two-story stage was lit with the presence of Jocke Wallgren, whose intensity behind the drum set would be projected in the intro song Pursuit of Vikings. Followed by As Loke Falls, that guitar introduction and amazing riff was the signal for the mosh pit to ensue mayhem. As Johan Soderberg and Olavi Mikkoken played that melodic riff Johan Hegg growled at the frantic metal fans. It is known to America that Swedish Death Metal has Scandinavian roots, but this Viking metal is cosmic. It takes metal heads on a journey of battles, mythical gods and exposes the imagination to a realm of axes, Viking life styles and of course the starling sound of Amon Amarth.


The new album Jomsviking by Amon Amarth is the reason for this tour; therefore fans were expecting to hear songs from that captivating creation. Songs like First Kill and One Thousand Burning Arrows were victoriously exhibited during this performance. Johan Hegg is definitely a great front man whose presence inflicts rage, adrenaline and soothes fans ears. During the performance of Deceiver of the Gods, fans hummed to the song, a striking view in the entire venue. That sight was godly, and awe-inspiring. Amon Amarth definitely showed America what long boats bring, nothing but chaos, hate and wrath ready to be unleashed with those 6-string axes, and 4 string swords keenly cutting off ears, as the cannons projected a fire of symphonies for the lovers of the extreme. DSC_0445_2The closing song was “Twilight of the Thunder God” a perfect way to finalize their battle hymns, as the crowd chanted and head banged relentlessly. The boat set a sail, the battle ship is now on route to Germany for the Rock am Ring 2016 show. Make sure to get your tickets and enjoy the show, one to be implanted in your memories.


Reported By: Hostile Jo


Check out the Gallery for more photos.



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