Primal Fear Epic Show

DSC_0402Heavy metal is not dead; bands like Primal Fear and Act of Defiance are making sure that those words are never spoken again. Primal Fear is on tour with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, a lethal combination. Can anyone deal with the whiplash soon after both bands unleash havoc? Primal Fear have been in the trenches of heavy metal for quite some time now, this quintet sure knows how to rattle the masses, and they have released their newest tantalizing record titled Rule Breaker at the beginning of 2016. A 13-track album, with killer guitar riffs and heavy metal drums that proves metal is not dead. With songs like “In Metal We Trust” their live performance was riveting, and heavier than any previous work. The band plays vividly on stage, pushing their limits and interacting with the crowd. Ralf Scheepers vocals are astounding and his high pitch notes will give any listener the adrenaline needed to headbang intensely. The Grove of Anaheim was the venue that withstood the powerful sound of Alex Beyrodt and Tom Naumann on guitars, as they jointly shredded to riffs of songs like “We Walk Without Fear” and “At War With The World”.

DSC_0226The venue’s walls shook relentlessly as Mat Sinner projected those fierce bass notes and Drum blast were set off in the background with the versatility heavy metal requires. Primal Fear’s set was an extreme display of talent, both guitarist (Alex and Tom) shredded in great harmony injecting the crowd with energy. The stage was lit with such blazing guitar solos and amazing talent from the ensemble. Primal Fear is a must see live show with the potency of a thousand gods striking, electrically charging your body with melodic heavy metal. They are currently touring South America; make sure to get your tickets for the show if you have not yet. As the world revolves metal evolves and Primal Fear will continue to test their ability and provide metal for the real fans, as metal is forever.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

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