Deathgasm- Heavy Metal’s New Horror Movie

_MG_8552Remember being that outcast in high school, one who wore black, had long hair, listened to devil worshiping music, instilled fear in Christians souls and your backpack was considered a lethal weapon on campus? Metal heads have long been misjudged and refused acceptance, but in this movie, Deathgasm, the parameters are blown away and for once the metalhead gets the hot girl.

Check out Deathgasm, it tells a story of demons hungry for power, and a group of metal heads ready to annihilate those life-threatening forces. Deathgasm is loaded with heavy metal puns, crazy sense of humor and gory, blood splattering kills.

Director Jason Howden shows his true passion for this genre with his movie Deathgasm, as well as a master of horror and butchery. _MG_8575Kimberly Crossman (Medina) performance makes any metal head fall in love with her axe skills. She evolves from a high school popular girl to the dark side headbanger chick. Dealny Tabron (Shanna) becomes the succubus lusting all the power and fame. _MG_8606Do not miss out on this gruesome movie and enjoy a laugh and a great soundtrack of this Horror metal ode. Out now in U.S cinemas and VOD, stream this movie, one to die for. Deathgams

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