Abominant 11th Studio Album Out Late July


Death metal with a touch of punk riffs in it is a classic yet deadly combination. Abominant has conjured the essential tones of black metal with brutal guitar speed in their new upcoming album titled Napalm Reign. After 23 years of ups and downs with band members loss more than once, the band kept going strong evolving into a heavier black metal creator. From their debut in 1996 Unspeakable Horrors with Wild Rags they pursuit a darker and malevolent sound. They have a crisp guitar melody, that is fast and eerie at the same time. The tremolo in most of their songs makes the lyrics more diabolical and the drumming is just a storm blast. The speed this band purveys is classic Death, with the influence of classic late 80’s early 90’s Death metal. However, don’t let that confuse you as they are projecting a phenomenal death metal sound. Their entire album collection is a brutal relentless beatdown from their debut until the upcoming album Napalm Reign. Their latest endeavor at torturing senseless souls was Onward To Annihilation, an eight-track album with non-stop aggression. The entire ensemble is exceeding the brutal scene’s expectations, one can only anticipate their next killer full length studios album. The album will be released in late July, as it was engineered in Velocity Studios, mastered by Scott Briggs during the chilly nights of Winter in 2015/16. Napalm Reign will be unleashed to the masses via Deathgams Records. There will also be a new tour, so expect news within the next few weeks.

Take a listen here

Napalm Reign- Track Listing:

1. No Peace
2. Reborn Through Bloodshed
3. Iron Clad
4. Hordes Of Desolation
5. Burning Hemispheres
6. The Watchers
7. Truth Beyond Belief
8. As Evil Rears Its Head
9. The Villains Veil
10. Out Of The Shadows
11. Scream In The Night

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Abominant is:

Tim Ball- Guitar

Mike Barnes- Vocals

Jim Higgins- Drums

Mike May- Bass

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