Quinta Essentia- Returns Like A Furious Tornado

Albumbandphto8 Year hiatus, and Quinta Essentia is releasing a full length album, titled Initiates Of The Great Work, a much anticipated record, via Deathgasm Records. The records will be available on July 28th, it was recorded and engineered by former drummer Lance Wright, at Stargate Studios in Huntsville, Alabama. It was mixed by Wright and Colin Davis. Are you a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist? Well this is real intense metal in which lyrics speak of subjects like alchemy, electromagnetic energy, as well as illusions. After all is this world not just an illusion, filled with magnificent metal, brutal drums, and melodic and soothing metal riffs? The album art work it self is a wizard practicing some alchemy, lets hope all the alchemy we hear is that of brutal guitars.

The album has amazing tracks, with creative themes, enveloped with culture manifested lyrics projected with a swaying voice. The mythical magical energies that can create spells, and powerful forces is in full context in this album, it is a synergetic force itself. The vocals in conjunction with all the glorifying sounds, enlighten your conscious, and give an aggressive take of what alchemy can be. The band is pushing forward, manifesting a brutal sound which can hailed by previous fans as well as new fans. if you are ready to have your universe changed, and feel the energy around you make sure to get your copy of this transcending masterpiece.

QUINTA ESSENTIA Initiates of the great work COVER by Juanjo Castellano 1It takes a great song to identify the bands, music, and “The Wanderer Travels”.This track “The Wanderer Travels” takes you in a world filled with curiosity, where you seek the truth, what hides behind all closed doors, however that voyage will enlighten you. The metal written in this track has a taste of black metal, and explosion of drums that scourge listeners. The only alchemy in this song is that of the guitar towards the end of it, an exuberayting solo will help your soul wake up. The album drops on July 29th, via Deathgasm, make sure you get your fix.

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