Allegaeon- Melody and Fury.

AllimageIn 2008, Allegaeon was formed by heavy melodic metal enthusiasts guitarist, Ryan Glisan and Greg Burgess, bassist Corey Archuleta completed by vocalist Ezra Haynes. The band suffered member losses pretty early in their career, however their passion and skills allowed them to incorporate more talent and continue their path. This band has acoustic guitar riffs fused in their songs to add melody and ambiance. In the album titled, downloadElements of the Infinite, guitar riffs are played with amazing fast transitions filled with fast hammering and pulling on notes that give the melody of death metal. The vocals in this album make it gory, and “Genocide for Praise” is dimensional, with a swedish melodic metal, fast drums and masterful rhythm. This band has the talent to create ambiance music introductions with eloquent guitar pick sweeps and brutal drum hammering. The introductory song on Elements of The Infinite is skillful and vicious. The vocals complete the darkness “Treshold of Perception” portrays in this brilliant song. Guitar virtuoso, Michael Stancel shows his ability to fluidly play intricate guitar riffs with heavy power cords and innovative licks. Don’t miss them on tour with Chris Broderick’s Act of Defiance, for tour info check out the dates below:

By: Joe Doe

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