NITE Played The Knucklehead Bar in Hollywood, CA

NITE Live Shot

Blackened was the night when the quartet hailing from San Francisco, NITE, brought their ravaging sounds to Los Angele, California. After opening for the extreme metal Cradle of Filth in a home show, NITE signed with independent record label Season of Mist. This tour kicked off in Oakland, California on February 16th, with support of Persekutor. The tour was in support of their latest release “Voices of the Kronian Moon” and they hit the stage vigorously.


On Saturday February 18th, 2023, NITE ravaged the Los Angeles heavy metal and punk bar, Knucklehead, a quaint venue, with a full bar and love for the extreme music. The fans were wowed by Persekutor who played some violent metal enamoring the mases. The dark ominous venue was the perfect location for the wicked sound of Persekutor. Thongs flew in the air as tracks like “Can you Feel the Frost of Dawn” were perfectly executed. The band played an invigorating show, fast and brutal.

NITE closed the night with their blackened heavy metal and the fans raved about their performance. The band played a great set, in support of their latest release, “Voices of the Kronian Moon”. The band played with intensity and the fans headbanged to each track. From the bass to the drums, the band’s performance was immaculate. Lead singer and guitarist Van Labrakis played with passion and his vocals were ominous. Meanwhile Patrick Crawford on drums played a relentless show, hammering away and head banging as well. Bassist Avinash Mittur plays an energetic show, connecting with the fans. Scott Hoffman on guitars executes amazing solos and plays a vivid show adding intensity and majestic riffs. The band knows how to perform on a small and big stage, and they have proven this in many tours. Soon after this blackened performance, DJ’s of Wicked Ladies laid down their sword for the god rock n roll. They played a sensational list of Venom and Bathory from their vinyl collection. Check them out on their upcoming endeavors.

This was sweet and short run, but their presence was felt in California, stopping in four different venues each one packed and filled with metalheads. The Knucklehead bar was the perfect place to enjoy a night of metal and booze. NITE was heavy and rhythmic, adding that darkness to their heavy metal instilling euphoria on the fans. Check out their latest release, “Voices of the Kronian Moon” out now via Season of Mist.

By: Jose Barrientos

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

ALL Rights Reserved, Rockbrary LLC ©️2023


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