Lamb of God: Concord California

DSCN1001Lamb of God has been called a Christian Rock Band, fine by me. However, they are anything but Christian. Lamb of God is touring with outstanding artist like Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine and Motion In White. Definitely a couple of music genres in this tour, all Metal non-the-less. What sets apart Lamb of God from all the rest is their true American metal, with great set of drum beats and amazing guitar riffs. There is no other American grown band that is doing what they are doing. Randy Blythe’s first gig after being released from prison has not being disappointing at all.DSCN0959Live from Concord, California Lamb of God’s performance was on point. This band is tighter than before and their hunger for success shows on the stage. Heavy guitar riffs shriek on the pavilion by Mark Morton and Willie Adler, those cannons drummed on by Chris Adler, the bass power by John Campbell and of course the gory vocals by Randy Blythe. “Still Echoes” kicked in ravaging the Concord Pavilion while on stage the band played their souls out. Images of buildings being demolished played in the back ground, during “512” you could see a teen bleeding, and a girl consoling him as he choked on his own blood. Perhaps a depiction of what Randy Blythe might think happened to that one fan. The lyrics on that song are meaningful and the depiction of what it feels to be in those four black walls gives the feeling of pain. DSCN0965Another great song that was played was “Ruin”, an imagery of what religion can do to those out there that worship and self destruct for some belief.The fans were energetic and the pit was devastating. Lamb of God has fans that can withstand powerful shoving, and countless crowd surfers. Some fans would chant Chris Adler’s name while others would scream Randy Blythe. DSCN0941The fans never missed a lyric of the songs, and they were swaying side to side shoving and pushing each other to enjoy the heavy fucking metal of Lamb of God. Chris Adler would drum with passion as he would head bang his hair, while both Mark and Willie move from side to side of the stage playing those alluring heavy metal riffs.  What else can you ask from a heavy metal force that is Lamb of God, nothing but the best.


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