Up From The Sewer, The Black Dahlia Murder and Fiends.

 Live music is back, after nearly two years of isolation, quarantine and a global pandemic recking havoc. Dedicated fans of the metal genre have made it known that their love and need for music will be stronger than anything else.  In a spectacular way, The Black Dahlia Murder along with After the Burial, Carnifex, Rivers of Nihil and Undeath took over The Belasco theater in Los Angeles. The Black Dahlia Murder headlining the “Up from The Sewer” tour brought an extensive and brutal song playlist. Metal heads as well as band members themselves were static to reunite in the purest and exhilarating ritual which is a live concert.

The “Up from The Sewer” tour had been a success since day one, with sold out venues prior to The Belasco date, all titans of death metal on the roster delivered a ferocious performance. The opening act, Undeath delivered a powerful and tight set warming up the hundreds of metal heads who arrived early to witness such debauchery. Followed by Rivers of Nihil, the Reading, Pennsylvania locals packed the heat. A dark set with blue lighting was the mood for their show performance. Each band member played with such devotion and talent ravaging fans along the way. Rivers of Nihil’s performance was felt all across the venue with the wall trembling and intense moshing the night was young and guitar licks and breakdowns were invigorating. The band did not miss a beat, despite the pandemic Rivers of Nihil demonstrated why they belong in this tour, their ability to render fans to mosh and crowd surf is definitely their forte along with insane vocals and musical technicality.

As fans raged and moshed in a sold-out Belasco theater, Carnifex California natives warmed up behind stage preparing what would be a furious light show and death filled performance. Carnifex is not new to the scene, with their latest release titled Graveside Confessions, the band came in energetic and ready to destroy all who stood before them. Annihilation of the ear drums was done; fans sang in synchronicity with Scott Ian Lewis as he gored his guts out. Cory Arford played a fantastic set delivering insane riffs, and the fans moshed like no one had ever with vigor and rage in mind. Given the time Carnifex fans could have destroyed the venue itself as they played some of their earlier work and most recent material.

Prior to the big enchilada, After the Burial played an instrumental show. Their singer Anthony Notarmaso blew his vocals in the previous show and the band did the right thing and delivered a sonic brutal display of metal. Despite the lack of vocals, the fans sang along to their favorite tunes and also raised hell in the mosh pit. There was nothing holding back After the Burial and the fans responded with much love and respect for this band. Soon after, the band thanks the fans and left the stage which was ready for the closing act and most anticipated band of the tour, The Black Dahlia Murder.

With Covid-19 ravaging the world, The Black Dahlia Murder was forced to cancel their Verminous album campaign tour. However, as soon as the world semi-reopened they were ready to go out and kick some serious ass. With their great success over the years and continual delivery of pure death metal The Black Dahlia has placed themselves on the high ranks of the metal community. With albums like Nightbringers and Abysmal this act has toured worldwide, and the response has been amazing. With sold out shows from the beginning of this tour, The Black Dahlia delivered a neck breaking performance and played a couple tracks from each album. The sensational guitar work by Brandon Ellis simply gives fans the crazies, they rage harder and lose their mind listening to such majestic solos. Brian Eschbach on rhythm connects with the fans and delivers perfectly executed riffs. As Max Lavelle headbangs he gives depth to the band and Alan Cassidy hammers away behind his throne. All musical components are riveting and grotesque delivering a vile performance and smashing skulls The Black Dahlia Murder conquered The Belasco. Trevor Strnad vocals are incomparable, and his power is still resonating in the tall walls of The Belasco. Trevor Strnad is filled with energy and sings brutally eliciting the dark souls of metal heads whose plan is to destroy and mosh until their feet give up. A sold-out show, packed with metal fiends, the merch booth line never getting smaller, five talented bands and a quaint venue; this is life. Make sure to check out the remaining of the tour and purchase your merchandise.   

By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos





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