Thrown into Exile- Release New Killer Single “The Mourning”

RK8_1842Hailing from California, heavy metal purveyors Thrown Into Exile have unleashed a new hit single titled “The Mourning”. This track has influences from bands like In Flames, At The Gates and their crisp chugging sound is reminiscent of The Haunted. The band had been touring heavily during 2019 from co-headlining for Killswitch Engage in Las Vegas prior to them hitting the stage at the world renown metal festival Psycho Las Vegas to Mexico Metal Fest among playing a show with Arch Enemy. The band previously released their sophomore album titled Safe Inside, a compilation of heavy sounds paying rendition to pure metal.

The band members are ecstatic to have released this single, it is a preview of what the album will bring in the near future. This single has been placed in the Apple metal list, among the Fresh Blood playlist in Spotify. The band is picking up momentum and has their mind set on gold with this heavy song. These guys have stayed busy during the pandemic and they also released a video to the track “The Mourning”, which can be viewed below. The track has an amazing chorus, with perfectly managed vocal transitions from clean to shattering screams! The guitar work By Ray Sanchez and Mario Rubio is a whirlwind of riffs and rhythm. Right when you think the song mellows down, they pick up the tempo and the versatility and style added by Joey Dalo on vocals is unparalleled.  The drum work by Zac Morris is neck breaking, paired by the heaviness of Dave “of the Dead” Corsile. To check out the song on Spotify follow the link and simple search them on Apple Music trust me you will not regret checking them out.

by: Hostile Jo


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