Death Angel, Humanicide- Keeping Thrash Metal Stro

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Thrash metal overlords, Death Angel will unleash the wolf pack with their most anticipated album yet, via Nuclear Blast Records titled Humanicide on May 31st.  These guys are not playing around, in a time where death metal and black metal are resurfacing, thrash metal lords Death Angel are making a clear statement with this album; thrash metal is alive and well.

deathangelalbumThe 11-track album kicks off with an epic guitar riff, as the drums play a powerful introduction merging into what “Humanicide” becomes for the next five minutes. This track is fast, with both guitars delivering a neck breaking rhythm and ear-piercing riff that will make you thrash furiously. Once more, Death Angel’s lead singer one and only, Mark Osegueda delivers his signature shriek and magnificent vocal cords range. His energy is emitted in each track of this album. There is another track that starts off with a magnificent riff from the get-go, “Divine Defector” has that power and adrenaline inducing metal riffs to last a lifetime and surpass the test of time. Death Angel is redefining the sounds of thrash metal, with elements of heavy metal, some tremolo, and vicious drumming on this modern, yet classic thrash metal epic release. Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar demonstrate their ability and fluidity during this album, they have bestowed upon the metal world a ferocious metal album which will transcend through generations.

The ensemble did not hold back on creating something the thrash metal scene has been lacking, they are confident, powerful and restoring this genre. This album has all the elements from 1980’s thrash metal, with a modern touch from the production side, a phenomenal equilibrium from the mixing, mastering, production and determination by the entire team. With the trac titled “Alive and Screaming”, Death Angel takes you back to their roots, with that Bay are thrash metal thrash metal sound. Guitar solo after guitar solo, upbeat drumming (Will Carroll) and heavy bass lines (Damien Sisson) Death Angel is ready to take the world by a storm. Death Angel completes the wolf pack trilogy with this cohesive head banger album, a total destructive force to be aware of if you have not yet seen them live or picked up an album.

By: Jose Barrientos

Humanicide track listing:
1. Humanicide
2. Divine Defector
3. Aggressor
4. I Came For Blood
5. Immortal Behated
6. Alive and Screaming
7. The Pack
8. Ghost of Me
9. Revelation Song
10. Of Rats and Men
11. The Day I Walked Away (Bonus Track)

Rob Cavestany | lead guitar/vocals
Mark Osegueda | lead vocals
Ted Aguilar | rhythm guitar
Will Carroll | drums
Damien Sisson | bass

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