Tribulation North American Tour- Down Below

DSC_5988Gothic black metal band, Tribulation, played at the Lexington Room on October 2nd and they brought with them their ominous sounds. The Swedish darkness purveyors recently released their newest material titled, Down Below, via Century Media Records, a collection of eerie tunes. The band took the stage  surrounded by a fog as their insidious music played. It is always a treat to watch the band rock out on stage live, as all members deliver a maleficent performance.

Their tunes like “Lady Death” and “Melancholy” sure amp the crowd. Up on center, Johannes Andersson delivers his rough vocals, and growls to the melodic tunes played by Jonathan Hulten, the creator of all evil. The crowd loves to see Jonathan Hulten up on stage, as he plays melodic riffs and dances the night away in a macabre style. On rhythm guitar you will see Adam Zaars adding the heavy riffs that make DSC_5639this band a neck breaker. The fans headbaged to the beat of Oscar Leander’s drumming, the newest addition to the line up, who captivated the crowd. Tribulation plays a soul revitalizing performance, and they are undeniably one of the darkest bands to perform live, as the myst settles after each song, the fans would hail the masters of funeral like sounds. This band crosses all boundaries, with their sound, seducing even the thrashiests metal head in the crowd.

The night was a congregation of music lovers, fans of the macabre and those who dwell in solitude. However, they were not alone they all became one to the beat of “The World” as well as The Lament and the fog settled one last time, leaving soul less bodies lacerating for more sounds of the underground. Tribulation is continuing their delivery of macabre tuns across America, make sure to check them out before the end of this tour.


By: Jose Barrientos

Photos By: Jose Barrientos




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