Wintersun, Ne Obliviscaris and Sarah Longfield Melted Faces

DSC_3422Wintersun the Finish symphonic melodic death metal band came to Los Angeles and brought a heavy team to open for them. From the talented guitar virtuosa, Sarah Longfield to the progressive sounds of Australian band Ne Obliviscaris the stage was set on fire since minute one.

The lights dimmed, the distortion kicked in and Sarah Longfield stood tall on stage delivering some intricate guitar riffs. One of the best 7 and 8 string guitarist delivered a mind warping set, with her skills and technicality she swayed the masses, Sarah Longfield rocked. There is progressive technical metal, then there is Sarah Longfield, her style is empowering, it creates a sound that many guitarist try to create yet can’s master. DSC_2534The set was one that musicians enjoy, a typical metal head would have trouble trying to decipher whats going on, but those who appreciate the sound of pick sweeping, tapping and melodies that melt your mind will understand this format. Make sure to see the remaining dates on her tour.

The co-headliner hailed from Melbourne, Australia and packed a heavy progressive death metal sound, Ne Obliviscaris. The metal purveyors hit the stage heavy, with a majestic violin sound entering fans souls and easing their pain only to be floored by blasts from the drums and aggressive guitar work. Vocalist Xenoyr delivers a potent performance and Tim Charles does back up vocals as he plays a majestic violin, the fans raged. You can definitely hear the skills from both guitarist and their duo performance, the pair Matt Klavins and Benjamin Baret shred furiously as the set heats up. The fans crowd surfed and head bang as each tune contained an extraordinary bass sound by Martino Garattoni as the beats by Daniel Presland hammered away on drums. DSC_2727The band plays a powerful set, with all members devoted to create that dark atmosphere as their sound hits the walls of the venues, fans growled and went wild as they hear their favorite songs. Ne Obliviscaris definitely set the night on fire, prepared the fans for what was yet to come.

The night was ready for the masters of melodic death metal, Wintersun! The band who crossed the sea to bring their ambitious sound to California after a few years was on stage. The fans roared as each member walked on stage. The lights brightened and the show commenced. For fans of Wintersun, they knew they were going to experience a breathtaking performance. Teemu Mantysaari and Asim Searah teamed up to expose new and old fans to  their phenomenal shredding skills and rhythm this band projects live. Jari Maenpaa’s vocals were amazing and he growled and sang clean for an entire two hour set, interacting with the fans and band mates alike this frontman is the soul of the band. If you want to hear powerful drums make sure soupy attention to Kai Hahto, who delivers and neck breaking set; he doesn’t miss a beat but your heart just might. DSC_3019The fans raged, the relentless mosh pit left some fans with pain and others rowed an imaginary boat during the set. The fans of all ages experience a tight performance by this quintet and despite the two hour set, they cried for more. The stage was on fire, and no water could tame those flames as Wintersun exploded with melodies and a magnificent performance. By far, one of the best live performances in the metal scene. Make sure to check out this scorching hot tour and get your gear of each band as it is your trophy for attending such inspiring metal show.


Photos by: Jose Barrientos

Written by: Jose Barrientos


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