Epica VS Attack On Titan, An Adaptation to Blow You Away

DSC_0048The Dutch symphonic metal band Epica released their riveting new album in 2016 titled The Holographic Principle via Nuclear Blast Records and in 2017 they took their latest EP The Solace System on tour across North America. The band has now created another, picturesque hymn, one which is the soundtrack to the movie titled Attack on Titan, the original score was written by popular Japanese composer Revo. The adaptation of these theme songs were manifested in  the Sandiane Recording Facilities, as the band reshaped the sounds, and slowed down some of the melodies to render them listenable and feasible to play live, Simone Simons made the lyrics her own and added her majestic sounds. With Joost Van den Broek handling the orchestral arrangements, Coen Janssen and Isaac Delahaye came together to create this whimsical album. For fans of “Attack On Titan” in Japan, the album is a superb adaptation of their all time favorite manga series. The album kicks off with the song titled “Crimson Bow and Arrow”,  a song that takes you on a journey of fantasy. You can hear clean vocals by Simone Simons and growls by Mark Jansen with an orchestration in the background like never before.

Epica delivers an astonishing sound, from guitar solos, to the classic keyboard solos the band manages to add the playful anime sound and choruses which transverse across space. The second track, “Wings of Freedom” kicks off with a royal like chorus, transforming into a heavy metal riff where Simone Simons unleashes her soothing vocals to the fury of drums and fast tempo guitar riffs. The orchestra definitely speeds up the tempo in minute 1:45 paired with gory vocals once more by Mark Jansen. This song is flawless. Epica have completed a powerful orchestration of theme songs to an equally potent anime, Epica vs Attack on Titan has the twist and turns Epica fan’s are used to, combined with a realm of fantasy, and great story telling. With anime fans across the world, Epica hopes they can enamor them with their tantalizing sound and adaptation of this very successful manga series. With comic con around the corner, Epica has also unleash a statement to the fans attending this years San Diego Comic Con, which is posted below, expect some albums to be sold at the Nuclear Blast Booth 501.

By: Jose Barrientos


Take a listen to our Interview with Simone Simons right below:

epicacoverEPICA VS. Attack On Titan Covers EP track list:

  1. Crimson Bow and Arrow
  2. Wings of Freedom
  3.  If Inside These Walls Was a House
  4. Dedicate Your Heart!
  5. Crimson Bow and Arrow (Instrumental)
  6. Wings of Freedom (Instrumental)
  7. If Inside These Walls Was a House (Instrumental)
  8. Dedicate Your Heart! (Instrumental)

Pre-order your copy of Epica VS Attack On Titan Here


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