Immortal Surfaces from The Cold Caves of Norway, with A Mighty Grim Hymn.

immortalcoverThe northern chaos gods have emerged from the cold caves of Norway, Immortal,  geared up to the teeth with leather, spikes and axes as they re-write history. They will be unleashing their brutal grim sound with their new album titled Northern Chaos Gods, via Nuclear Blast Records on July 6th, 2018. This album is packed with nothing but nordic black metal, and a pinch of heavy metal riffs. One must not think of the previous work done by Immortal and their preceding member(s), simply focus on the grimness and raw power this album possesses. With Demonaz on vocals and guitars, Horgh on drums and Peter Tagtgren on session bass the powerful avalanche will wipe you off your feet trampling you with fury.  This trio have created what black metal should sound like. The complex sounds on guitars and bass will raise your arm hairs. The solemn battles are depicted with insane vocals.

As you have heard the new single titled “Northern Chaos Gods” you are immediately hammered with the ferocious guitar riff and decapitating drum work. This song alone paves the way for the battles riding forth. Chaos is an understatement, these are gods of debauchery. A maelstrom of sounds will hit your ears specially in minute 2:40 with the ravenous solo, all which generate a vicious attack. There is no time to recover, as “Into Battle Ride” slashes it’s way through. The vocals by Demonaz are astounding, delivered with rage and power Immortal is back at it again. If you are want to hear classic Immortal, you will definitely compare this work to that of At The Heart of Winter, it contains harmonics and a killer riff resembling the classic Judas Priest on the track “Gates to Blashyrkh”. The atmosphere changes drastically during that riff, however it is needed to push forward the song, and with such ambition the track prevails. This son is definitely a game changer. The Following track titled “Grim and Dark” strikes you with a sword in a cold winter night. It debilitates you with each blow, and makes you drop on your knees. The rhythm in this song defines Immortal’s sound and hearing the cymbals being punished by Horgh will make you headbang.

The album is a bold statement which exposes their creative side as a duo, Immortal has the ability to sound heavy, dark and deliver that classic Norwegian Black metal. They have delivered an upbeat track titled “Called To Ice” which kicks off with a magnificont guitar riff, which from my perspective is a fret sliding back and forth to give that virulent rhythm, the skill on guitar and vocals is imminent by Demonaz, never doubted his talent. This record has a devilish track titled “Mighty Ravendark”, one that will pull you in for  nine minutes and once it is done with you if you survive, you will reckon the force it delivers. This album is electrifying, a perpetual black metal hymn. Today just a week away from the release of Northern Chaos Gods the Immortal released a lyric video of the track titled “Mighty Ravendark”, it is below make sure you check it out and be ready for the bloodshed.

By: Jose Barrientos



The line-up on the album is:
Demonaz (vocals, guitars)
Horgh (drums)
Peter Tägtgren (session bass)

You can now pre-order the band’s new full-length release, Northern Chaos Gods, in the format of your choice. It will be available as digipak, 180g LP (various colors) in gatefold, a collector’s box set, strictly limited mail-order steel box or digitally:



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