Morbid Angel, Incinerates with Old School Death Metal Sounds.

May 9th, the brutal sounds of Morbid Angel supported by Origin, Hate Storm Annihilation and Voices of Ruin crumbled the walls of The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, Ca.

DSC_0439The night kicked off with a melodic death metal band named Voices of Ruin. The Orange county locals, have been praised by many outlets and their performance that night demonstrated why their fan base is growing as you read this. Voices of Ruin are not new to the scene, their latest album release is titled Born From The Dark, back in 2010, the band destroys during live performances. Vocalis,t Dave Barrett, growls violently eviscerating all within his path. If you are looking for mind blowing riffs, Steven Calton and Tom Barrett both have that ability to deliver incinerating solos. The melodies created by this band are elegant, and ear piercing. Their sound is heavy, with touches of death and the fast riffs will simply captivate you. Their set is fast, powerful and energy packed. Bassist Wallace Myers headbangs as he delivers potency, and the floor shakes to each note he executes. Behind the drums, Lonnie Vanhorn projects blasts that can shake things up. A brutal display of music was witnessed by the fans. Voices of Ruin will bring pain and destruction with their melodies, make sure to keep an ear open and check them out live.

DSC_0508Hate Storm Annihilation, natives of the windy city, Chicago Illinois, devastated the venue as well. Their set was aggressive, and the songs had in your throat tones. From the guitar work by Craig Schumuhl and his vocals alining with all the chaotic sounds, the band punished fans with perfected extreme metal. The heavy tones were added by the combination of earth shattering drum blast and bass tapping. Spencer Metela, who also does backing vocals can keep the fans hooked on a great bass note. The sounds of his bass can blow up an ear drum, specially the agility of his fingers and timing are all imperative. The work by Konstantin on drums is relentless. Konstantin slams his drums with fury, making combos and double pedals crushing your body. The band delivered an exceptional performance, despite the small crowd, they raged hard and skillfully. Make sure to check them out live when ever they come to a town near you.

DSC_0644A band who blends grindcore, death metal and groove is known as Origin. This quartet has conquered venues like The Whisky A Go Go, The Novo during the Summer Slaughter in 2017 and they demolished The Regent Theater. Jason Keyser is a monster on vocals, not only does he deliver impressive guttural but he explodes energetically. Hi infects the crowd with rage and makes them crowd surf, and create a mosh pit from wall to wall. John Longstreth on drums is a ravaging beast, he strikes those heads with agility and power. The show was interrupted by some “cool fan” who threw a cup direct at Jason and hitting John as well, the dude then try to make a joke saying “so what do I get kicked out?” Jason got security to get his ass out of there. The show continued non-the-less and the band projected their anger on their instruments. Have you ever seen an octopus flap its arms in a frenzy attack, well that is how Mike Flores fingers look as he destroys his bass. This gentle giant has the speed of a jack hammer, making sounds that exhumed the death. Teamed up by the guitar riffs of Paul Ryan, the band is a destructive force. One that cannot be stopped despite the crap hating fans might do. Origin has been on the Nuclear Blast Records’ roster for some time and their latest album Unparalleled Universe, which will floor you. Keep an eye on these dudes as their galloping sound will drag you in the mayhem.

DSC_0017The final act were legends Morbid Angel, with Steve Tucker back on the front, and reaping his bass the band annihilated the remaining of the night. From songs off their underrated release Heretic and Steve Tucker era, Morbid Angel demonstrated why they are masters of old school death metal. In a world filled with multiple bands that claim to play old school death metal, no one compares to Morbid Angel. Their sound is heavy, raw and ominous. The fans gathered this night to witness the legends, with two new additions since 2017, Trey Azagthoth delivers his vision of what evil destructive music should sound like. Scott Fuller on drums had some big shoes to fill, yet he demonstrated talent, and agility doing what professionals do deliver the goods. With double pedals, rhythm beats and blast Scott Fuller is distinguishable. The guitarist extraordinare  on Morbid Angel’s new line up is named Dan Vadim Von, if you see him playing guitar you wonder how many beats per measure he can actually hit. Well its just enough to make Morbid Angel sound heavier than before. His ability on guitar is making fans turn heads and rage restlessly on the floor. Morbid Angel has nothing stopping them from playing their destructive sound. Trey Azagthoth is the mastermind behind this sound, and he delivers dives, shreds and guitar tapping that create a keen sound. His presence alone on the stage is nostalgic, and delivers such a sonic blast where fans respond with moshpits and hails. Morbid Angel currently released their titled album Kingdoms Disdained, and it is malignant. Their live set contained some songs from this album and older tracks, non of which the fans hated, they did a phenomenal job specially Steve Tucker who growls violently. If you have not seen this band live make sure to check them out, it is time to witness old school raw death metal.

By: Jose Barrientos

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

Morbid Angel Photos:


Origin Photos:


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