Dimmu Borgir’s, Eonian is an Enigmatic Creation Molded by Gods

dimmunewFor years, the sounds of symphonic black metal by ambassadors Dimmu Borgir had been silent. The silence was so loud, and it felt as if the members of Dimmu Borgir traveled to a different realm to conjure their upcoming release Eonian. This album is different from the previous three albums, with a subtle darkness and atmospheric sounds which will calm your soul. It is due to hit the store on May 4th, make sure to preorder your copy of Eonian. 

In the final week prior to their newest album release, a force has taken over and a different experience felt as Eonian plays countless times in my media player. The first track kicks off with an industrial introduction, sounds of gears, hammers and melted iron can be heard in the background. All, to be joined by a sinister guitar riff, and choruses chanting as the macabre is unleashed. This track is titled “The Unveiling”, the title alone calls for a renaissance of what Dimmu Borgir was, and has come to be. The band has done extreme topics like their latest Insorte Diaboli, a concept album focused on religion. Now this album seems like a clandestine offering, the unveiling of this majestic sound to the world will erupt with fervor. The initial song is a footprint to the rest of the album. With those amazing symphonic sounds, transitioning from aggressive to calm tones, Dimmu Borgir has taken an evolutionary step in their sound. This song can last an eternity, as the keyboards play a magnificent tune, the choruses in conjunction transport you to a unholy realm.

If you are looking for a more classic black metal tune, check out Aetheric, this track hails darkness with a guitar chords introduction, ringing in your ear, as it is prepared to be blasted by the insipid cannons on drums. Silenoz, and Galder defined Dimmu Borgir’s sound on this track once again. With chants like “To govern yourself you must know your past…” the album brings light to the black metal realm. The guitar bridge in minute 3:00 is mind blowing. As the piano once again pairs up with the lead guitar to deliver a catchy tune, Shagrath unleashes his fury on vocals through out the song. Cinematic parts are included in this song, the atmosphere simply levitates your body, carries you forward to a quiet solemn place. The follow up track to this one is “Council of Wolves and Snakes”, their second single to be released in video format speaks for it self. The song alone has an effect that I compare to Star Wars explosions in the final George Lucas Films, it starts calmly, lets you breath in as the force erupts in your face with guitars and drums aggressively delivering that potent Dimmu Borgir signature sound; in minute 2:15, check that part out. Shagrath gives you goosebumps with his diabolical vocal deliverance. The enigmatic sound draws you in, seduces you and then throws you to the wall making you reach climax with its heavenly sound, don’t be fooled as the zenith is dark, cloudy and filled with chains and whips.


The track titled “The Empyrean Phoenix”, draws you in with a clean guitar, complimented by the sounds of drums then followed by chaos. This is the time die hard fans had been waiting for, the resurgence of Dimmu Borgir, the evolution that is Eonian. There is a calm before the storm in this song, which leads to an insane bridge, with killer guitar riffs mid minute 3:00. It is a whirlwind of catastrophic sounds. This is the bible to Dimmu Borgir fans. We dug in to the sound of “I Am Sovereign”, with it’s marching introduction followed by a maelstrom of symphonies. The progression created by this song is enchanting. Imagine yourself, lingering among the darkest castles, candle lit and suddenly you need to escape darkness, you fail to do so as this song swallows you in minute 2:00 with their black metal style breakdown. Hammers slam, break your soul as you begin to transcend to a dark place in minute 2:45, as the guitar rips a magnificent tune. We will skip to the following track, for the simple reason being my favorite, “Alpha Aeon Omega”, is the track that will blow your mind. The introduction is captivating, with orchestrations that will awake the dead followed by the brutal guitars, bass and drums. You are quickly subdued by the slow tempo riffs, which prepare you for total abomination.

Once again, the enigmatic feeling overtake your body as the perfect choruses with this revolutionary evoking of songs, this track takes the trophy for its versatility, composition and mere essence. Dime Borgir has outdone themselves, they have eclipsed all the work done previously with this fundamental symphonic black metal album.

By: Hostile Jo


Pre-Order Eonian Here: nblast.de/DimmuBorgirEonian


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