Nightwish, Whimsical Sounds Captivate The Grove of Anaheim

DSC_0702Nightwish has conquered The Grove of Anaheim, and their music had a packed venue. For many, the sounds of Nightwish are soothing, for others it enables something deeper inside.

On Saturday April 14th, the symphonic metal pioneers Nightwish played their majestic sounds to an excited audience. Fans from all over California, even Canada, gathered to witness such powerful sounds. Nightwish is not new to the world, maybe to those who just discovered metal with out gory vocals, but their sound is a virtuosity in the metal world. From songs with flutes, keyboard and angelic vocals by Floor Jansen, Nightwish lifted the spirits of metalheads all around. The two hour set was everything but dull, with amazing guitar solos by Emppu Vuorinen and whimsical bouzouki sounds by Troy Donockley this band captured the souls of those daring enough to step out of their comforting heavier metal scene. Songs like “Elan” majestically electrified The Grove of Anaheim. The venue was filled with metalheads of all walks of life, from photographers who have worshiped this band to band members like Aaron Minch of Necrogoblikon admired the essence this band unleashed live.

DSC_0881-2The band owes their success to such powerful music they write, their genre has no boundaries, they play melodic captivating music and the fans reciprocated to their sound by watching the entire show. Outside, near the concession stands and merchandise booth not a soul would stand, each fan was indoors at the music hall chanting and rocking out to all melodies conveyed by this godly ensemble. The mesmerizing vocals by Floor Jansen are soul enamoring, with high notes that only metal goddesses like her can reach. She sang a fine tune, she would transport fans into another dimension with her chants. There are many musicians in the metal scene that can play solid, however this team has their skills perfected like no other. For the two hour set they sure fed the souls of their fans. Soon after the show had concluded the fans rushed to their merchandise booth to acquire vinyls, shirts and more. A fan has been on the road capturing each moment with his mind, he traveled down from Canada and has seen Nightwish nearly 4 times during this tour. Hey Mr. Firefighter it was a pleasure chatting with you about your passion for music, and continue riding the metal wave supporting this band in all they do. Their tour continues, as they will unleash their vivid sounds at venues across America, Nightwish is relentless and continues to enamor those who enjoy the melodies of fascinating musicians. They have unleashed the best of Nightwish in their album titled Decades, make sure you get your copy and rejoice the magical moments. 

By: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos




Get your copy of Decades here:
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