The Reaktion Covers Alice In Chains “Nutshell” and New track Titled “EYE” is Out

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It is Monday, and from Chile we have a little surprise for you rockers. The Reaktion recently got caught covering Alice in Chains track “Nutshell”, what a rendition. This song is one of our favorites and The Reaktion did a great job playing it. They also released a new song title “EYE”, and it is right below. Make sure to get your copy of their new album Similitude out now.

The band has been touring heavily, and in 2015 the Reaktion destroyed stages across the United States even leaving a footprint at the Mayhem Festival. Looking back, the band has had a few line up changes but their sound remains heavy. With elements of hard rock and influenced by bands like Sliptknot, Born of Osiris their sound will captivate you and make you rock hard. The band has delivered two great albums, one of them being their latest titled Similitude is a continuation and progression of the bands sound. No artist limits their creativity and The Reaktion sure as hell does not let genres hold them back. They have created a sound that will conquer the lands of rock and roll and bring you some intense riffs, breakdowns and vocals. Simon and company will enamor you with songs like “Live Free or Die” and “Little World”, the band is a talented gang, and to not check them out is simply stupid. Create art, make love not war, all the lyrics are there, the message is clear open up your mind to the waves and join the network.



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