Inferi- “Revenant” A Black Force That Will Mutilate You

Inferi current band photo 2018The Nashville based melodic death metal act Inferi, will be unleashing a maelstrom titled Revenant via The Artisan Era on April 21st. The sensational sounds transmitted upon the mixing board by this band are ravenous, with an eerie introduction. Fans of melodic gruesome sounds will be gravely satisfied. Their minds are somewhat interconnected to the masters of melodic death metal The Black Dahlia Murder as their sound is comparable, however this band adds elements of symphonic black metal. This band guitar work is incredible, with hooks, pick sweeps and brutal riffs. The band encompasses the bass requiems with technical guitars and a monumental drum work by Jack Blackburn. The track titled “Within the Dead Horizon” packs heat, from the get go you will hear some neck breaking riffs virulently attacking you as you hear the roaring vocals by Sam Schneider. The entire album contains riff after riff, bridge after bridge and excellent fingering by guitar masters Malcolm Pugh and Mike Low.

For fans of relentless aggressive metal this is the album you must have, each corner is sharp, with mind bending riffs and perplex drum work, from the double pedals to each cymbal sound. The titled track “Enraged and Drowning Sullen”, starts with a medieval organ playing a whimsical tune only to be ravaged by the electric guitar and explosive drums, the first minute is imperative as this song is powerful and furious. The vocals which roar and growl draw you in, the blend of melodic death metal and black metal sound are prominent and they welcome you to a hell on earth with sinister sounds in the background.

The album is energetic, unleashing power via sonic waves, luring your soul into the darkness, and allowing fans to be empowered by this ominous sound. Each song is packed with magnificent musicianship, talented bassist, drummer, and guitarists deliver what is a profaned album, claiming their throne in the metal scene. The record, Revenant has nine songs filled with insane tunes, and the very own  Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder collaborates with this imminent force. It is by no surprise to be hooked on Inferi’s sound since the very first song, they are the upcoming melodic fiendish death metal purveyors and they are going to skin you alive.

Reported by: Hostile Jo


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