The Damn Truth- A Rock & Roll Affair

DSC_0477There is a band from Canada, that is sweeping the American continent as you are reading this, their name is The Damn Truth. That is also what I am writing here, the damn truth, simply remarkable resonance of the 70’s rock n roll movement. Do you remember Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin’s uplifting tunes and other rock & roll heroes that woke your soul?

Well The Damn Truth is here, with their latest release titled Devilish Folk. The band came to America and conquered those in search for some classic tones, deep enamoring vocals and fantastic drum beats. They performed at The Arcadia Blues Club, a small joint in Arcadia, California and they showed on stage what their fervor is all about. The band performed their entire album live, and the faces that witnessed a birth of rock stars will live remembering that night.

DSC_0600The vocals by Lee-la Baum, who plays rhythm guitar as well are extraordinary. She reminds you of powerful vocals like Janis Joplin, and those of lead singer Signe Toly Anderson of Jefferson Airplane. Her persona on stage is electrifying, as she exposes her inner soul with each vibrato, and low note she sings honoring those who came before her. The band is tight on stage, they perform with ease and passion, rarely do you see that in rock & roll bands in the present, who with intense body language similar to Robert Plant’s and Mick Jagger’s sensational moves astonish fans. The percussions and fillings by Dave Traina are magnificent, he delivers a mind-blowing performance on stage. Meanwhile, guitarist Tem Shemer and bassist PY Letellier infect each other off their energy and strike their instruments with swaying passion. These guys are masters of their craft, learning from legends like Jimmy Hendrix, the sounds of Neil Young, and more they have delivered a magnificent performance at this venue.

DSC_0501Their set was hot, with vocalist Lee-La Baum and guitarist showing much love for one another on stage, the ensemble spread love to their fans. Their energy is relentless, if you want to witness rock & roll at it’s best make sure to check out the band in their final tour dates. This band will definitely set your soul on fire, with their rock & roll attitudes and powerful sound they will win your love too. Make sure to check them out live at your closest location or do the drive, they are worth it.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

Remaining US Tour Dates

03/22 @ El Corazon/The Funhouse – Seattle, WA
03/23 @ The Garages – Beaverton, OR
03/29 @ The Cobalt – Vancouver, BC
03/31 @ Doc Willoughby’s – Kelowna, BC
05/04 @ Nietzsche’s – Buffalo, NY


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