Watain Pierces Souls at The Fonda During the Trident Wolf Eclipse North American Tour

DSC_0144Is America ready for black metal? Well Los Angeles, Ca certainly is ready for all which accompanies the black arts. Metal heads from all corners of Los Angeles gathered at The Fonda Theater on March 17, to witness a macabre ritual and display of extreme art. Destroyer666 and Watain raised hell during their North American Tour and Angelenos were ready for chaos. Despite recent controversial allegations of KK Warslut and his beliefs, the fans who enjoy metal put that shit aside and hailed the sounds of Destroyer 666.

An extreme metal outfit like Destroyer666 is followed by controversy, but where does art have an end, or censorship and is that really the way to attack this form of art? Despite the allegations of K.K. Warslut being white supremacist, the originator of Destroyer666 and creative force of the band bestows upon metal fans a sound of tyranny. Metal fans gathered to rage all night, celebrate music and the art it comes with. This DSC_0049venue was filled with true metal lovers, and those in attendance were decent people, with no affiliations to any hate groups. The fans were there simply to enjoy music, and they did. As Destroyer666 delivered brutal music, the fans moshed, and headbanged relentlessly. The band delivered songs pertaining to war, satanism and blasphemy, some topics which elicit the mind of the wicked. R.C. and K. K. Warslut delivered a neck breaking performance on guitar, with Warslut goring to vocals crushing skulls from the stage.

The energy delivered by this band was imminent, it ravaged the entire theater as guitar solos were delivered majestically. Bassist Felipe Plaza Kutzbach is a beast on the bass, and moves from one end of the stage to the other captivating those wretched souls. Cannon blast erupted aggressively, and you can not expect anything less from this brutal act. Destroyer666 have a destructive sound and their energetic skull crushing metal. The perfect blend of black/thrash metal was executed on stage with rage and exuberance, leaving fans in awe, Destroyer 666 left a mark in the black souls of Angeleno metalheads. This form of expression is already being censored in other countries, such as Poland and Russia, why hinder their execution here in the land of the free. As an artists one must look beyond the flesh, and into the psyche of artists who express their deep personal thoughts in the form of music. This band is and all in all brutal live performer, keep brutalizing the States.

DSC_0443The legendary band, Watain brought the satanic mantra and delivered what is known as one of the hellish performances in the States thus far. Watain was created in 1998, by E. H. and P. all who have worshiped acts from the early black metal era. This band opens the gates to hell, and with their latest release Trident Wolf Eclipse, released at the beginning of the year via Century Media they are burning venues down. The band delivers a blasphemous performance, with Erik Danielsson on vocals, you hear his demonic voice across the venue ready for the rapture. Pelle Forsberg on guitars rages morbidly to amazing tracks that instill fury on to fans. The fans gathered for a dark night, wearing leather and spikes, and enjoyed each guitar solo, and riff delivered by P. The catastrophic drums played a huge role during this set, Hakan Johnsson executes his kit virulently making fans heads explode. The moshpit opened up, with no one stopping it was a dangerous yet fun circle. Songs like “Sworn To The Dark” and others were hailed by lovers of the dark.

DSC_0673The infernal flames warmed the venue and demons unleashed their fury on stage for hundreds to see. Erik is one of the wildest vocalist in the black metal world, and this night he responded to the energy the crowd propelled toward him and with rage he growled as the Fonda Theater burned. There is no other live act like Watain, from the energy they play their axes with, to the ominous atmosphered their music set, they are the real deal of satanic black metal! They continue to wreck stages across America make sure to check out Destroyer 666 and Watain at your own risk, as hell awaits.


Reported by: Hostile Jo

Photos by: Jose Barrientos

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