Kaoteon: Potency Define

kaoteonphotoAs you listen to the new Kaoteon album titled Damnatio Memoriae one thing is apparent, they destroy. Not only is this band skilled with their instruments, but the composition matches the gory angry screams of Walid Wolflust. This vocalist carries demons within and unleashes them in tracks like Barren Lands, which is encompassed by explosive drum work by Frederik Widigs rendering their enemies to drop dead in their path. This is a vulgar sound, a brutal attack to your ears.

As the song titled “Raging Hellfire”, this band punished you with sonic waves that destroy every bone in your body; fast, heavy and savagely. This track has demonic sounds, the guitars (Anthony Kaoteon) shreds away as the drums and bass ( Linus Klausenitzer) add power to it. With some thrash elements, the band delivers this track which does not cease. As you continue to listen, do it at your own risk. The next track filled with rage exploding in your face is “Venom of Exalt”, another catastrophic force. This track contains drums with slower tempo sections, yet heavy where the guitar plays a palm muted riff warning you of the coming evil deliverance from both guitars and gory vocals.  The elements of black metal, death metal and thrash metal are imminent in this record. The chaos unleashed by Kaoteon is destructive. From guitar solos, to furious drum work the band executes their craft with malevolence. If you are looking for a relentless neck breaker, this album is the key to that successful whiplash.

Written By: Hostile Jo

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