Auri, A Spiritual Journey Through Music

AuriFrom the creators of Nightwish comes a soothing sound, that of Auri. Troy Donockley on Acoustic and electric guitars teamed up for a long awaited production with Johana Kurkela and Tuomas Holopainen for what is a majestic composition of music. This band contemplated their creative process for quite some time until finally, all elements of this creation came together to form what is known as Auri. The basic idea was to write music that opened minded artists would, and those which metal heads lovers of music can enjoy. After seven years of talks Auri finished their album title Auri, it is a compelling masterpiece that will transport you to the deepest corners of the universe and you will enter a holistic realm.

This album contains eleven wonderfully written songs, and believe when we include the word angelic in this article, Johana’s vocals are simply that. Her voice is amazing, delivering beautiful notes and words that will aid your in your journey to a peaceful world. We had the chance to talk to Troy Donockley, and he gave us the insight of how this band was formed, the reason behind the formation and what he enjoys as a recording artist. Make sure to pre-order your copy of this magnificent album to be released via Nuclear Blast Records.

Reported by: Hostile Jo


Pre-order the album here:

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